“Equality in the boardroom – Introducing quotas for women in the workplace”

I often wonder how equal women and men would ever become? Maybe this equality depends of the angle from which we approach a given subject?

Today I share with you this update by the European Parliament with regards to achieving equality in the boardroom although it may (jokingly) take a long long time for this to be achieved or implemented. This is however to me a good step in the right direction!

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Equality in the Boardroom

In an ideal world gender equality in business would be a given, but in reality corporate boards are still dominated by men. To ensure more equal access to the top of the corporate ladder, the European Parliament voted for binding rules requiring that at least 40% of non-executive boards members at EU-listed companies are women. (Read more: Giving women equal opportunities in the business world ) 


2 thoughts on ““Equality in the boardroom – Introducing quotas for women in the workplace””

  1. Real equality between men and women is a process that involves many changes in mentality, labor legislation, social policy, training …
    And our leaders should be bold and start taking steps to promote equality with labor standards. I trust to see the day when protectionist equality gender laws will not be necessary.

    1. Hi Monica,

      Dear Monica,

      You are very right and I am grateful for your contribution.

      It is unfortunate that although women and men were created equal and were supposed to consider themselves partners and allow each other equal opportunities especially in decision making and management of both the “kitchen board” and the “company board”, roles were instead quickly defined and the woman who was obviously ‘weaker’ than the man was relegated to the “kitchen board”.

      It is probably because there has to be some great steps to be taken for any seemingly real equality to be achieved that some countries are today resorting to measures such as instituting quotas.

      The affirmative action by the European Parliament though salutary will still have to rally the support of the Member States who have to pass national laws for the law to be enforceable in their countries.

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