For all Mothers!

Ode to Mama!

When I posted on my mother as being my first and best model, I got such feedback that got me to fish out this poem I wrote close to a decade ago!

You will think after writing this I learnt my lessons and sat still but hell no – I got into more turbulent waters!

Fortunately, mu mother like I bet all others, almost got drowned saving me because she didn’t know how to swim !

Have a good read all you my gentle followers, and celebrate your mothers in whatever way you can because someday either you or her will be gone!

Who dares have a contrary view should speak up now or…



4 thoughts on “For all Mothers!”

  1. This is beautiful. It’s a great poem. I’m probably biased because I love poems!

    Mothers are precious but not everyone has had good experiences with theirs. My mother has been absent most of my life and didn’t have much of an input. But I love her dearly.

    Thanks for sharing. You’re a talented lady! 🙂

    1. June,

      You are a mother now and your daughter could very well be saying this to you

      Moreover, maybe circumstances made it that difficult for your mother to be as present hence you know what it means to be present in a child’s life and how to be too

      Waiting to learn how to add an emoticon to my replies

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