What do you do when Portia S. Miller grants you 5 minutes of her time?

H.E and my humble and happy self!

I was by some fortune assigned to receive and escort some VIPs at an the ongoing WIP Summit.

As I escorted PSM (as I will hence refer to her), she noticed she remembered my face from the previous cday at another event. She asked how I was and I started to stammer.

She said relax girl and I did. My Heart was already racing though not as fast as “Fraser-Price”.

If I were a Jamaican, maybe I could tell her something about the economy of the nation, maybe something she was doing great or otherwise.

Well, I wasn’t so had no locus standi.

I however started off by saying something about Jamaica – that I was honoured to be with the Prime Minister of Usain Bolt!  She chuckled!

Next I remembered Solomon in the bible and asked her to speak to me.

She told me that I must always remember that the best revenge in life is success and hard work over and over.

She added that the threat of failure is insignificant and we must be focused on what we want as women and work harder ever after!

She then hugged me and we took two pictures as I escorted her into her car.

I though that was all, but later at the Gala, she received a price for Jamaica because her Country has the highest number of Women Legislators, Senior Officials and Managers (In her keynote address earlier in the day, she had said it was a mission of hers to take other women along in her empowerement journey).

After she made a short acceptance speech, she folded her paper and said she was now going to speak from her heart for young women (I consider myself one now)

She told us that when she wanted to run for council office back in 1974 (I wasn’t even conceived), she was told and threatened to stay off. She didn’t and she won coming first before them all. Same in 1980 and we surely all know her story thereafter.

What else could I have asked for or told her…


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