A Gardener’s Family!

    My Family 2013 - 11 - My Family

Christmas is a time to celebrate our families right?  The ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? will soon be ringing very loud!

Regardless of the make up of yours, that is still your family. Therefore, as we approach the advent season and start thinking of the Christmas ‘Tree’ let me share with you a piece about my family and hope it gets you to celebrate yours too and remember that whatever may happen, Family to me is Power!


Were we to go by the African Family context, then mine is a huge ‘Iroko tree’ and I wouldn’t even be able to write about it all for there are some members or rather branches that I either don’t know of or have only heard of on Facebook.


Now from the same womb, we are four and then with Mama and Papa, the nuclear one is made up of 6 heads.

My sister before me, ah she’s my favorite in her own right! Do you have any issue you need some worrying done about or some rapid solution found? Talk to her or mention it on Facebook. Do you lack something or have a bruise, draw her attention and watch her worry you to satisfaction. Maybe that’s how all ‘first Born’ are? When I got to Belgium and was so unprepared for the weather, she promised to send me some clothes for she lives close by ( As close as UK is to Belgium better than America right?). Before I could wink, she had mailed me a big card box full of both summer and winter stuffs. I mention just this one and hope it’s ok for her!

Next is Ayo (you read about her in the Gardener’s tale and surely know the meaning by now) Refresh here if you missed that. Well that’s me right? The child who wouldn’t sit in one place. When I was a kid, I managed the family pharmacy and reminded all about their medications. My siblings were often sick and later in life, when trauma struck (No not like in mum dying though) – I temporarily stepped in to mother us four even jumping over the high fence of home to fetch us food and provisions!

My brother – my Angel Gabriel – my one and only – for whom I fought those fights in school and when reproached by the headmistress I lashed out ‘ I saw them beating my brother and so I fought back afterall whose brother…’. He is so peace loving and gentle that the ‘nasty hands’ of a depression (now I know the official diagnosis was bipolar disorder) tried in vain to snatch him from us. Do you want the number of a friend in Tokyo you told him 10 years ago? Then just ask – an aunt once said the hard drive in his head needed some downloading. Yes I fondly remember him sending me my first blue eye lash pencil from Germany!

My last but not the least – she says I am her spine and that we are ‘partners in crime’. I laugh and simply call her Shoop. After listening over and over to Whitney’s song and not being able to keep count of how many times she used the word, I concluded that is the same way I called my sister over and over again. Shoop is a miraculous patient turned doctor. My mother once came late for my graduation because she had to first make sure Shoop had someone to be by her bedside at the hospital. I first saw a kid in a long coma, in the person of my dear Shoop!   family-problem-quotes

My mother already had her post on this blog as my first and best heroine : Refresh here if you missed that: and my Father has his own special corner which will be for next time. I just want to tell you why I love my family so. They didn’t give up on me when I did, thinking I could do it on my own. My sister the one in the UK, even thanked me for letting them back into my life – oh how this chilled me. Talk of a prodigal sister too?

The Italian Mafia always say famiglia è supremo I wonder if anyone has a different view …

Merry Christmas in advance! 131125 EP Christmas tree


4 thoughts on “A Gardener’s Family!”

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