Remembering Nelson Mandela’s work to bring women to the table during peace talks in Burundi!

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

I was deeply saddened at the passing on of our great Madiba, not that I had expected him to live forever, but because I just wished for him to stay with us a bit longer and continue being that Moral Undisputable Authority he had come to become after his ‘retirement’.

So much has been said by by all the greatest sources and statesmen and women and I just want to share this article I read on the UN Women site:

“As civil war raged in Burundi since the 1996 outbreak of armed conflict between ethnic Tutsi and Hutu groups, in his role as Facilitator for the Burundi Peace Negotiations, former South African President Nelson Mandela worked with one of UN Women’s predecessor organizations to bring women to the peace table for the first time.

Convened by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), and the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation, the first All-Party Burundi Women’s Peace Conference took place in Arusha, Tanzania in July 2000. Burundian women representing the 19 negotiating parties, observers, refugees, internally displaced people and the Diaspora met to develop a common vision for Burundi’s peace and reconstruction. The nearly 80 participants presented their recommendations to Mr. Mandela, the heads of the negotiating parties, the Facilitation team and observers from the international community.

They agreed that women should participate in the peace process and they listed specific proposals regarding justice for human rights abuses against women, women’s land rights and women’s engagement in recovery. The women’s declaration was submitted to Mandela and he shared it with the negotiating parties.  Many of these proposals were incorporated to the peace accord.

Mandela’s engagement and strong endorsement of women’s concerns was considered a turning point at the time for women’s engagement in conflict resolution in Burundi.”

We can only hope that his legacy lives on and on, that South Africa doesn’t sink into any crisis related to the passing on of our dear Madiba, that his family and us all find solace at this time and thereafter and that above all his dear wife Grace Machel find the strength to after this all, continue to be one of the “Elders”…


4 thoughts on “Remembering Nelson Mandela’s work to bring women to the table during peace talks in Burundi!”

  1. He was one of the greatest leaders we’ve ever had. A kind, passionate, caring and strong man. He’s my inspiration. He never gave up even when the going got tough. His determination is like no other. We have a lot to learn from him.

    He is surely missed. I don’t think there will ever be anyone else like him, dear Nelson Mandela.

    Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Junie just when I was thinking of you
      Yes he was one of those great people we only come across one each century
      Even Obama acknowledged that and I think it is such a loss for humanity as a whole!

  2. I truly enjoyed reading the article on Mr. Mandela. I have learned so much more about him these past few days. Thank you for sharing.

    Love, light and laughter

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