Beatrice Achaleke, My Heroine and Boss for ever!

Beatrice AchalekeBeatrice Achaleke is WDLS strategic partner for Europe. Beatrice is also the Founding Executive Director of AFRA – International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives (, Initiator of the 1st Black European Women’s Congress, Vienna 2007 and current president of the Black European Women’s Council (

In 2008 Beatrice was the first Black Woman to stand for parliamentary elections in Austria. Recently the Award winning Blog “Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2010” featured Beatrice Achaleke as 3rd most powerful and influential black woman in Europe.

Ms. Achaleke has many years of training experience in the fields of: diversity management, intercultural communication, lobbying and networking, mentorship programms, anti-racism, migration and integration, minorities and community empowerment as well as development policies. Beatrice Achaleke studied Sociology at the University of Vienna and Law at the university of Yaoundé Cameroon.

Beatrice is a multiple award winner whose recent awards include the World Diversity Innovation Award from the World Diversity Leadership Council in Washington in September 2009, the “Make a Difference Award, from Brainworks in July 2010, the Miriam Makeba African Diva Award for her engagement in the Empowerment of Black Women in Europe in March 2009, the MIA Award 2008 for her humanitarian and social engagement in March 2008. Beatrice received the Official and Honorary Decoration of the Federal Republic of Austria for her commitment to Intercultural Dialog in September 2008.

Beatrice is initiator of several award-winning projects in Austria. She is author of several articles on the above-mentioned topics. Beatrice appears frequently on different programs of the Austrian broadcasting companies including radio and TV. Beatrice is a highly booked speaker both at national und international levels. Beatrice’s recent speaking engagements include European Commission and EU Parliament conferences, the UN Minority Forum, and at many Austrian based organisations and institutions.

She is the publisher of the book “Voices of Black European Women 1, challenges, reflections and strategies from the Vienna Congress”, Vienna 2009 and the Lagebericht Schwarzen Menschen in Österreich, Vienna July 2010 and several others. Beatrice is equally the initiator and conference manager of the World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe,

Beatrice is today the proud mother of two children.

All the above said and done, Beatrice and I were raised up by my Mother and we surely inherited the same ‘genes’. She inspires and motivates me over and over and teaches me by all means possible what it takes to be a Strong and Powerful Woman especially one of Colour!


6 thoughts on “Beatrice Achaleke, My Heroine and Boss for ever!”

  1. Wow! I love your new look blog. Very stylish!! 🙂

    Beatrice is certainly a woman to be admired. She’s achieved such a lot. It just proves that when we aim for the moon we can indeed reach the stars. The only limitations are in our minds and we are the ones that limit ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing another inspirational post.

    Have a great evening. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Junie and let me add that she encouraged me when I just got here and things were so tough for me and she told me that when can’t find a job then we have more alleys to explore and if we think innovatively enough and work hard then we’ll somehow make it.
      She told me she couldn’t count the number of job applications she herself had made after her university studies
      Have a great evening too 🙂

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