Female politicians taking over Latin America’s land of machismo!

By Simeon Tegel, GlobalPost contributor

LIMA, Peru — For a region famous for “machismo,” Latin America is about to take an unlikely step: elect a record number of women presidents.

In Chile, moderate socialist former President Michelle Bachelet — whose admirers include Hillary Clinton — is widely expected to crush her conservative opponent, also a woman, in a runoff vote on Dec. 15.

With women leaders already in power in Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica, that means Latin America will boast four female heads of state for the first time.

The breakthrough comes as women’s issues are going global, from Malala Yousafzai demanding education in Pakistan to a campaign for more female board members in the United States. Many countries are also grappling with how to include more women in politics, while a few still want to exclude them.

And it came to pass I conclude this post, that H.E Michelle Bachelet had an overwhelming victory at the polls this weekend and what a confirmation of Simoen Tegel’s forecast…

Michelle Bachelet
Michelle Bachelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simoen rightly wraped her article as follows: The achievement also strengthens democracy, she said, allowing women to buy into a system that has often left women out, or worse.

“When women are elected to high office, they become inspiring role models for others,” Aguirrezabal said in an interview.

“They show that women can be empowered and that allows other women to view themselves not just as vulnerable or victims, but as true citizens.”


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