Shadowboxing Your Fears and Doubts

It is always good to start of the week with Inspiration and whatever I get from the MyEverydayPower Blog, I share with you all.
I go by the saying that what is good for the geese is sure good for the gander or do you think otherwise …
I never knew the term “Shadowboxing” but now that I have a word to define such actions, I will be more weary and instead go for the real “Boxing Off” of my Fears and Doubts and what of you

Everyday Power Blog


Guest Entry by R. Byron Hord
When I was in college, I loved the song entitled, “Shadowboxing”, by  Hip Hop legends, The Wu-Tang Clan. As addressed in the song, I always thought shadowboxing, was just a cool way of honing martial art skills – but shadowboxing is actually much more than that.
Every day we are at war: not with our surroundings; not with our jobs; not with our enemies; not with our family; not with our friends; but, at constant war with ourselves. It is a war with no guns and tanks, just with words and our subconscious voices. The ‘War of Art ‘calls it Resistance. ‘The Course in Miracles’ calls it Ego. Regardless of what you call your inner voice and self talk, they are not going anywhere. And, some days it beats us up. While other days… it takes us to new heights. Some days…

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