Decorating much more than my first Christmas Tree!

It is an excitement for kids right? Surely at my age it shouldn’t be anything to write about.

Well this is the first tree I am decorating and although I wasn’t excited when I started, I decided to be by the time my boyfriend and I finished decorating this!

My 1st Christmas tree

This was really the first time I remember decorating a christmas tree and although we had some christmas trees in our home when I was a kid, my mother or aunties did the decoration.

Moreover, the tree ‘thing’ for some ‘African’ families is not as trendy as it is out here in europe and for mine, it was no exception.

When I was married, and could afford a small tree and some bare decorations, I left the ‘thing’ to my niece and my sons if they wanted to and instead worried more about buying them a ‘christmas dress’ and cooking a ‘christmas meal’.

Now how could I be happy to decorate both an ‘expensive tree’ (I hear it cost 40 euros) with expensive decorations (worth maybe 200 euros) and without either my sons or any kids to celebrate the fun with?

I was therefore not so keen in the exercise at the start. However, seeing my friend’s enthusiasm, his efforts to involve me as much as possible, and above all, realizing that I had achieved so much in just the over 10 months since coming to Brussels, I relaxed and decided to decorate both the tree and my ‘new life’ with joy and love.

Dec 17th 2013 I have even noticed some gifts with my name on it and now I am waiting for the 24th with excitement.

I just learnt once more that we are the ones who decide what to make out of our thoughts, actions and circumstances.

Merry Christmas to you all and kindly like, comment and share if you can…


5 thoughts on “Decorating much more than my first Christmas Tree!”

  1. I love your tree Marie. It looks great! I hope there’s a present under the tree for me 🙂

    I’m glad you decided to decorate your Christmas tree. It’s fun isn’t it? And I’m happy that you’ve got some presents. That’s nice!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve had some problems with my hosting company. I wrote a post about it.

    Have a nice evening. 🙂

    1. Dear June,
      Thx for stopping by, I was worried indeed and almost called but also was dashing in and out. Hopefully this weekend and oh I didn’t get an e alert for that post of yours so am going in search of it right now
      Guess your gift is coming to London in March or April and am sure u know it will right!
      Merry Merry

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