My 1st Christmas in Belgium, so much LOVE!

I could never imagine I would spend such a Christmas.  Several things were a first for me, from decorating a tree, to receiving so many gifts, eating oysters and so many other dishes and above all so much warmth and Love.Dec 17th 2013

Decorating my first Christmas Tree, you can read more about this experience here:
With Santa my 1st time everReceiving my first gift from santa clause at a work team party in a job I had almost lost as recapped but for the boss who is a heroine of mine as recapped here:

Next was the Christmas party organized by my university: BSIS “University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies!

BSIS Christmas party With my favorite lecturer – he has also taken me under his wings!

Christmas 131225 Shawl+gloves

I received so many gifts from my boyfriend’s family,  their  quality brought tears over and over : Winter gear like the shawl and gloves, a very warm winter jacket and a huge white bath robe and much more including my first ever smart phone – am still learning my way around that.

My first ever Smart phone

My First Christmas in Belgium

It was a Christmas I won’t ever forget, I who got here in January with no boots and just a lone unfit coat!

All I missed were my little men in my life – “Mes 3 Mousquetaires”.The men in my lifeBut I had the strongest one ever and although for the time being he still prefers only being felt and not seen – hopefully by next Christmas we’ll see more of him.

Thanks to him and his Family I am happier, graced and forever blessed!

Merry Merry once more!All the best for the new year to all especially my wonderful e-family !


3 thoughts on “My 1st Christmas in Belgium, so much LOVE!”

  1. Marie, this is a lovely story, and indeed full of love. I’m so glad you found a fantastic man with wonderful family. That’s great.

    You were spoilt over Christmas with those beautiful presents. But you deserve it. 🙂 Sorry that your boys couldn’t be with you. But hopefully by next Christmas things may change. If your book is a best seller, you’ll have enough money to do what you please.

    Enjoy your evening. 🙂

    1. Thank you Junie for both stopping by and reading into my mind.

      Actually I wish to be able to go home for the Summer vacation and yes indeed when blessings come they shower you with more and more than expected. 🙂

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