Who WIll Be Better Because Of You?

I have always tried to do this to my besy and l have always received beyond measure …

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The Power of Positive Thinking Quotes

Every day we wake up with this amazing opportunity to give our kindness, love and compassion. Every day we get another chance to make some else’s life better. What a great opportunity to create a life of meaning. This opportunity is a true gift, one that we didn’t even have to ask for, but it’s presented to us everyday.
Are we aware of the power that we have to make someone else’s life better?
Do we approach every day with a service and compassion state of mind?
Is our ultimate life goal to leave the world better than it was before us?
Are we committed to giving the world our gift?
I am challenging you to live deliberately, to live with intention. Wake up every day and proceed with the desire to make someone else’s life better, which by due process – will make…

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