Building a Woman’s Nation – Launch of the New Shriver Report

I am so impressed with the momentum the struggle for Gender Equality is gaining as the dateline to the Millennium Development Goals approaches. From Hilary Clinton to Beyonce, passing through Maria Shriver and the likes of Graca Machel; from Institutions like UN Women, the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment, the Women In Parlaiment Global Forum or even the Girls Globe; the message is clear. Time for action is now and indeed, ” A nation where women do well benefits every single one of us – and building that nation is all of our responsibility.” We can’t relent.

Girls' Globe

Earlier this week, Maria Shriver launched The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, a detailed and well-researched narrative of the lives, realities and struggles of millions of American women who are living in, as the report puts it,

The territory in which one in three Americans live paycheck to paycheck, one incident away from financial crisis.

While there has been notable progress made in the past decades in terms of women’s and girls’ well-being, rights, empowerment and legal status, The Shriver Report makes it painfully clear that the road to a woman’s nation – a nation where all women and girls are treated and valued on equal basis with men – remains long and winding. Almost all women still struggle with inadequate workplace policies that make being a mother and a worker extremely challenging even for those who are not on the brink. For low-income…

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