It’s my 35th anniversary on earth: Thank You all!

Hiking Arusha 2012I love Life, after all who doesn’t?

Today is a special day for me, I turned 35.

I know to some it may be small and yet to others like my kids, it surely is a lot.

Well to me, considering all what I have been through and all what I am looking forward to, I am most grateful.

Yes my tale is a curious one, I sort of became a gardener and, well, coming from the family I had, l could only be me.

When I once weighed 115 kg and felt I had had enough of this life, many cheered on, including my gym instructor.

Yes I once lived parallel lives and my first memoir captures all that, but today I am doing good both inside out.

It came at a big price, had to make some ultimate sacrifice and then change worlds all together. well I got to decorate a Christmas tree for my first time.

I am therefore so grateful for my Life and for all I know and have met both on and off line.

Many tell me  I am an inspiration and my siblings even say I am their spine.

But I will say I couldn’t be any of that without You and You and You! 

Both directly and indirectly, You all made a difference, taught me a lesson, loved me some more, in one way or the other, and wished me some…

Above all, the woman in my Life, sure none other than my mother made this all possible. I once wrote this for her and dedicated it herein for All Mothers.

Thank you Mama, Thank You All.


12 thoughts on “It’s my 35th anniversary on earth: Thank You all!”

  1. Happy 35th Marie! Wishing you many more years ahead, loads of God’s blessing and favour. You are really a blessing and an inspiration.

      1. Florah oh, are you the one my darling. Oh my how are my parents in Arusha? Please tell them Shikamoh. Please Florah, send me an email and let’s continue from there. Oh on this day, l received so much more.
        Thanks every one.

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