PEARL # 16

This is what l will call dedication. When we continue to work hard and forge ahead with all the doubts in and around us. I sincerely wish Mah all the best in her endeavours as l steadily continue to pursue mine.


Today is the day I get to tell you, DO NOT GIVE UP. Simple.Whatever you have been dreaming of, even if you have not started it, don’t give up on your vision. If you do have something you started, it is hard in the beginning cause you see where your vision showed you, but the beginning seems slow. You want to get there faster, and it is easy to get frustrated and doubt yourself, doubt your vision. Don’t give up. Life gives us gifts in the form of visions, and sometimes that is all you need to hang on to, hope for a better future for yourself.

I am living this truth right now. I held on to my vision to become a life coach, poet, writer, public speaker, entrepreneur. I launched my public speaking / Life Coaching business yesterday and I am determined…

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2 thoughts on “PEARL # 16”

  1. Thanks for this Marie. It’s truly encouraging. 🙂

    Marie I can’t seem to add comments via Twitter or WordPress. Can you find out if there’s a problem please? If I’m having problems, maybe others are facing the same issue.


    1. Junie,

      I don’t know because the last time I left myself a comment via twitter and it worked just well. Maybe it’s a technical problem? So which one did you use to comment this time around?

      Well, thanks for stopping by and lets see how it goes

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