Gratitude all the way

I started my blogging journey on the 17th of November 2013 and to say that I knew what I was doing will be a fallacy.

Not only did I not know what I was doing, but I didn’t even know how I was going to do it.

I took a weekend, or rather the evenings of a friday, saturday and the sunday, to come up with a blog. I just read and typed here and there and selected different options until I got something that looked not so bad to my own eyes back then.

I then started to read other blogs and learn the art of ‘blogging’.

It however dawned on me by day 4 that I could be good if I persisted. I got my first trophy from wordpress and even saw a post of mine reblogged somewhere.

likeable-blog-5-1x.png 13.11.17

I decided to lean in and reach out. I worked on my social networks and ‘e-family’ – yes I have since met inspiring people in abundance.

I continued with my hard work and all my networking and posting and today, I received a great trophy from wordpress once more:

likeable-blog-100-1x.png 14.01.22

So I am all the more resolved to make it, even if only for the first five who liked my posts or the hundreds of today. I know someday I would have thousands of likes.

I don’t aspire to be an accomplished author or something in that light, no I want to become a huge inspiration and motivation to my own generation.

And, ‘no matter what it takes, no matter how hard it gets, am going to make it’ Les Brown.


9 thoughts on “Gratitude all the way”

  1. Well done Marie. You inspire me. Your determination for success is catching. Seriously, I admire your hard work and effort.

    It’s paying off and I believe you will definitely be an awesome, popular and successful blogger. 🙂 You’re half-way there already because you’re doing the right stuff.

    Good for you my dear!

    1. June,

      Thanks for stopping by once more and thanks for your kind words.

      The truth is, I also owe my 3 Ds to the Inspirations I get, the motivations from within and without and above all, to that supreme love of life and humanity I have deep within.

      Of course I stopped by your blog and am yet to read the second of those souvenir posts of yours. Trust me to leave a due comment when am through.

      Thanks, Marie.

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