No nagging: PEARL # 19

PEARL # 19. Life is too short and precious, It isn´t ever worth the nagging.

This concise and precise post of yours is very timely and appreciated.

It reminds me of a song I loved very much in my high school, Saker.

It went like this: ” In country, town or city, some people can be found who spend their lives in grumbling at everything around. Oh yes they always grumble, no matter what you say, for these are chronic grumblers and they grumble all way through…”

The chorus narrates how they grumble every day of the week, at the weather and etc.

So much valuable time spent grumbling and nagging of course never gets life anywhere.

So I decided long ago to be grateful for whatever I have, live through and do for both others and myself. Above all, I am grateful for my life and for my ´ neighbour´.


3 thoughts on “No nagging: PEARL # 19”

  1. I agree. Grumbling is a waste of time. It only makes you moody and raises your blood pressure. Grumbling never solves problems. In fact it clouds your judgement. Because, when you grumble, you can’t think straight.

    Thanks for sharing.

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