Four great men of mine …

A great man

I don’t know the ‘wiki’ definition of great men and I am not talking about those the world may or may not consider great men.

No, here, I am gonna talk about four men in my ‘e-world’.  The likes of the Mandelas, Obamas, Fela or Femi Kutis or the Clintons are public knowledge and are out there for all to  resource from.

My great men, the four I will write of, are doing something in their own little but great way, to inspire and motivate me and surely several others.

The first of them is a guy called Jeff Moore who has a tremendous blog and mission .  His about me page reads thus: “Founder of and My Everyday Power, Jeff Moore is an entrepreneur, educator, and motivator on a mission to inspire those around him. Jeff has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping people realize their own potential for greatness. He has an expertise in creating intrinsic motivation and is a catalyst for incredible change in the lives of others.”

Jeff, has been an on and offline inspiration and support though we’ve never met nor corresponded more than a few times. Once I told him I was an ‘MJC’ meaning a Mary Just Come and his answer was: Keep doing what you are doing and soon before you know it, you will be and ‘MKP’ meaning, Mary Knows Plenty.

The second guy is called Vincent Egoro and he is somewhat like the first in his blog and mission. He is a neighbour of mine (in so far as Nigeria is Cameroon’s closest neighbour ) and also a great support. He once told me he doesn’t think he deserves to be mentioned next to the great likes of Jeff, but I think otherwise hence I do it again. It is not the number of likes on a facebook page that determines your greatness right?

His about me page takes off thus: “Vincent Egoro is a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people all over the world to live their greatest lives, face their fears and grow stronger. He believes that everyone has a seed of greatness deposited in them at birth by God. But this like all seeds, require nurturing and great care for it to express itself.”

Next is my dear friend Denis Cardiff who runs one of those unique blogs to be looked up: I stumbled upon his blog out of curiosity and I am a passionate follower now. His posts are delivered to my mail box. He is not like the first two but he motivates in his own way. He tells of the plight of the homeless and how ‘beautiful’ within some of them are.

Yes, I can relate to his posts because for some time in my life, I literally lived and loved in the streets. I worked with street kids, prostitutes, prisoners and, yes, even a madman. I even went as far as dating one of them and what I learnt during that period of my life can’t even all be narrated in my upcoming book.

The last but not the least of my foursome, is the great I only stumbled upon Mr Les Brown this week, following a link on one of Jeff’s newsletter. I am sure many know who this great man is and his incredible story of birth in an abandoned building, adoption at 6 weeks of age, qualification as a special education lad and up, up, up to what and who he is today.

I follow him now like a wounded lion. I listen to his u-tubes everywhere. I have subscribed to all what I could subscribe to and I read them as meticulously as I did the Bible.

These four men of mine all seem to fit into the definition of great men which I just looked up on wiki as I conclude :  They are highly influential individuals who, due to either their personal charismaintelligencewisdom, or Machiavellianism utilized their power in a way that had a decisive historical impact.

Well, some of my men above may not have or leave a  ‘historical impact’ and may not be that ‘highly influential’ but to me and several others, they are both influential and impactful.

To them and all other unsung heros, I say THANK YOU!


11 thoughts on “Four great men of mine …”

  1. Having heroes is one of the best ways to gain wisdom and grow in knowledge. These men that you look up and learn from are inspiring. Not only that, but they help others by sharing knowledge. They deserve recognition.

    I like the way you’ve highlighted them on your blog. I’m sure they appreciate your commitment to what they’re doing.

    Have a good day Marie. 🙂

  2. Marie,
    I lack the words to express my gratitude to you. The truth is the men you mentioned me along with as “Four great men of mine”, their “shoe lachets I am not worthy to unloose” if I may borrow the words of John the Baptist. I feel ovewhelmed and honoured by your kindness towards me. I pray that God blesses youn and increase in you the grace to continue the great things you are doing and hope to do.
    Thank you again Marie. Live your greatest life!


  3. Dear Vincent,

    The great Les Brown himself tells how he started and how it was the great Vincent Norman de Pearle who told him he had greatness within him and how they day he had the opportunity to speak with Dr Pearle was a greater one for him.

    Look none of us is Jesus and even him did not let John the Baptist feel ´inferior´ to him because of who he was or could do.

    Thank you once more for all, lets keep inspiring each other.

    My friend Dennis would probably feel out of place too in the foursome and he does not even know yet where I put him and neither is he on twitter or facebook.

    The most important thing however is that we keep aspiring to and helping other be and stay great.

  4. Marie!

    Thank you so much for the kind words of support! And thank you so much for spreading the message of empowerment, love and hope! You are doing great work! Also, thank you to all the gentleman who are also a part of this blog – who are fighting the good fight. The more people believe in themselves and believe in the world, the more compassionate, positive and constructive the world will be. You all inspire me!

  5. Wow,

    What a weekend this has been both on and offline. Now, look who has just graced us and humble me in particular with a visit on this modest blog. The one and only Jeff himself. All I can say is thank you Jeff. All you say is true, good and empowering and so, lets all keep inspiring each other. One day, I look forward to being one of your dear clients for I really believe that we all need a coach in our lives just like the Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt and etc.

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