Kill Worry And Live Long

Kill Worry And Live Long.


Vincent Egoro, one of my great men of whom I posted about yesterday, does it so well in his consistent writing on some of these pertinent and often considered “little” issues which yes, worry us to our graves.

He writes this morning about worrying and how it is an unprofitable business. I think, it is a waste of resources and a short cut to the grave.

Yes, we surely also cannot live without worrying – let’s be realistic. Yet we must not make it a habit and worst of all try to drag others along to worry with us.

I recently reblogged a related post about nagging written by my good friend Mah Mekolle and I related this to a song we sang in high school about chronic grumblers.

This why I find this famous quotation most pertinent: “Some people bear three kinds of trouble — all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.” — Edward Everett Hale.

My dear followers, what could be your take on these issues?


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