Nothing ain’t ever easy…

And, I mean nothing not even sewing…

Thank you mama

I am writing about sewing although it could well be about any other activity. I am writing about sewing for three reasons.

First, I tried sewing for my first time yesterday. Well, I mean with a machine because I can crip crop with a thread and needle obviously.

Secondly, I pick sewing because when growing up, I took it for granted.  My mother was a ‘tailor’.  Well, not a pro but she sewed our clothes and linen for the house and much more.

Thirdly, girls back home, when they can’t get along in school or when there is no ‘money’ or time to ‘waste’ sending them to school, the options they are often given is either to learn sewing or hairdressing.

I thus saw some go in for sewing and soon open their own workshops or do stuffs at home and I thought it was easy.

Yesterday, even with an electric sewing machine, I found out for myself that it wasn’t.

I broke a needle and messed it the first time and only got some by the third try. I was proud of my end product yet ashamed of myself for not having gotten it right away and above all for having taken it for granted all along that it was easy.

I thought mama enjoyed it and I remember giving her a hard time because she would sew a new dress today and it would be torn and ready for a patch the next day because I would play and rub and run in it. She often did twice as many for me.

I thought it was easy because it was an option for many girls and they peddled along the whole day.

But no, it ain’t easy. It takes the same Determination, Discipline and Dedication that studies in the classroom take and all other projects in life demand.

By the time I was done yesterday and my back and fingers hurt, I could barely afford a smile. Now I can truly thank my mama for sewing our clothes and mine in particular. I can also envy those tailors out there, the designers and all.I tried to smile


5 thoughts on “Nothing ain’t ever easy…”

  1. Marie, how true!

    Good for you for trying with a sewing machine. It’s not that easy to master. But hang in there, it will be worth it when you’re a pro at using it. Practice makes perfect.

    Send me a photo of your first piece of clothing. I would love to see it.

    Have a blessed Sunday. 🙂

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