Productivity Hacks: Part 1

I have been doing some of the things Lidiya mentions in her posts and I can say they have helped me considerably in my productivity. I try as much as possible to start off at 5 am each day and it used to be even 4 am.
I keep apps in which I log my various tasks, my daily ‘achieved’, my notes and much more.
I have always tried to do today what I can and should do as planned and not push to tomorrow or later.
I am however to try out the two minute rule nor register any success at following the fixed period of time hack. the notifications of my phone and much more would not guarantee my total concentration. However, when I think I really need not to notified by the ‘smart’ phone, I just switch it silent.

Let's Reach Success

If you look back on the last few days and analyze the things you did, how would you define your overall performance?

Did you do most of the things on your to-do list? Were you efficient? Did you do focused work on important tasks or wasn’t that concentrated and most of them weren’t that meaningful? Did you waste time procrastinating and just doing nothing?

In other words, can you say these days were productive?

Often the answer is no. And that doesn’t mean you didn’t do your best. It just means you weren’t productive.

Productivity is to do all the important things that need to be done, to do them in little time and with focus.

You can cross everything on your to-do list but that can take days, while it’s planned for just one.
You can do them, but not properly, which will lead to bad results. You can…

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