Na’am my Ma’am from Niger!

Na'am and I

In my short existence on earth, I have gone places and transited a lot in life. I haven’t been to a lot places physically, but all the diverse people I have met makes a me certified traveller in memories.

One of such remarkable people I met and yes in Tanzania while I worked there for one year, was Mariam from Niger. She equally worked there.

I was first an intern for six months and then a pro-bono Legal Assistant for another six months, hence I wasn’t on a salary. My Na’am (Mother in Fulbe), as I will henceforth refer to her, was on her part, an employee of the ICTR  (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda).

She took me under her wings I don’t know which Angel told her I bleedingly needed that. She adopted me. Gave me so much and taught me so much.

She belonged to an elite group of hikers (Tanzania is renowned for its tourism) and took me along, paying for me all the time. This is just some souvenirs of that period:

Na'am my Ma'am

Here we are at one of those waterfalls in Arusha where you hike hard to reach and then don’t want to leave!

my Na'm +I

A crater around the feet on Mt Kilimanjaro.


Hiking and even going down on our bottoms sometimes because the path was steep and slippery.

what could the future very well hold for me

She took a friend of hers who came visiting from the US and I to the Massai Village and the Snake Park. She paid for us to be dressed in the Massai regalai and we each had a Camel tour of course all first times for me.

When my time in Arusha was up, she took me to Ethiopian Airways and chipped in for my trip. I was sad to leave her and yet hopeful for the future.

Looking into the future. This picture was taken by her while I was looking into the window wondering what’s next for me.

Of course, my Na’am and I have kept in touch and oh how much I love her because just like my mother, she is a no nonsense woman. She is my heroine, my Na’am and Ma’am from Niger.

Do you have such too in your lives, or have you met such too along your journey? It is always nice to share…


7 thoughts on “Na’am my Ma’am from Niger!”

  1. Aww, bless your Na’am. I personally believe in angels and hence believe that the good Lord always keeps an angel for me when I’m in most need. Bless you both Marie and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much prgoretti, at last I have a precious comment from you. Yes, she was and still is one of my guardian angels.
    Love to the family. Em, where is the inspiring post for today from you? The week ain´t over yet right?

  3. Marie, you’re blessed to have so many inspirational and supportive people around you. It’s because of your kind heart. They say like attracts like.

    This is a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      Thanks as always for stopping by. You are my number one fan and so am I yours hahaha.

      Some good news, hopefully I should stop by in March but oh I wish the Winter would have calmed a bit!

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