ThIS POEM OF my friend Dennis, once more catches and even pokes me further to hurry up. Yes, I believe in Madiba’s mantra and really wish to do my own little best. l have chosen to commit and l am seizing the opportunity each day to change and to improve my life so I can help others improve theirs too.

Dennis Cardiff



each morning, upon awakening
I’m offered the possibility to change —
to improve my life.

I can commit to helping others;
in general — try to be a better:
husband, father, worker, citizen.

This is the possibility;
my challenge is to follow through —
make today an example for life.

This is a small step. I realize
my influence is not far-reaching,
but, it is a first step.

If everyone takes that step — reaches out,
enriches the lives of  friends and contacts —
we can change the world.

As Nelson Mandela expressed:
the consciousness of one person can
bring about global change for the good.

One drop of kindness in the pool of
humanity will cause a ripple
which can generate into a wave.

A wave of hope, of caring, of love
of sharing is all that is needed
to solve the problems of this planet.

We can…

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