Sherry, her true self, my heroine!

Sherry and IThere are some people you meet for a few days and it’s like you have known them all along. I think we all have met such people in our lives too right?

Well, Sherry Snipes is one of such people I met. Part of her official biography is as follows:

Now to Sherry her true self, too many caps on that feather of hers (or is it the other way round?)

We met in Vienna in April 2013 at the 4th EDIC conference organized by my all time sister, boss and mentor, Ms Beatrice Achaleke and she was the MC at the event. I was told that was her third participation and then they even partnered together for the Dandi Awards and more … well that’s for next time.

Sherry does so many other things like diligently publishing the The Sherry Snipes Daily, she has various facebook pages, all sorts of stories and graphic and you wonder how she juggles it all. Having known and keeping in touch with such people, is nurturing.

She was the first to fish me out on facebook and this tells a lot. Now, one of her mantra is LIVE*LOVE*LAUGH so what else can I add about such a gorgeous lady with a tell it all name?

She recently posted this on facebook and I love her whimp: “You know you have toooo many aps when it takes 5min to find the one you want”.

For all the above reasons, and for all the other things Sherry does and her super juggling of motherhood, and her sitcom relationship with her sons and all, she is my heroine.


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