Nils Jent a true Inspiration!

Nils Jent

Can you tell from a first look that the gentleman in the wheel chair is blind, paralysed and much more?

WE had a great time at the Diversity Ball last April 2013 but you need to hear his story and am sure you would be inspired too and maybe moved to tears like I was when I watched his movie titled Breathing Under the Water.

You see, he wasn’t born blind, paralysed or all. No it was a car accident when he barely turned 18, that changed his life and those of his entire world like this. Nils Jent

Here is an extract of his story:

“As a young man Nils Jent nearly loses his life in a serious motorcycle accident. It is a medical miracle that he survived at all. When he wakes up, he is completely paralyzed, blind and incapable of speaking. His intelligence is the only thing that has remained intact. Only with the help of his eyelids can he make contact with the environment.

Tirelessly Nils fights against internal and external resistors and leaps back to life.

Thanks to his will and the unconditional support and love of his parents they all move slowly closer to Nils’ goals. He brings his hard work and fortitude to realization after obtaining a PHD. Dr. Nils Jent now teaches in the area of ​​diversity management at the University of St. Gallen.

A big attraction now is the newly minted professor and director of applied research at the Center for Disability and Integration of the University of St. Gallen.  He works tirelessly  for the benefit of all people  in the society with a disability.”

I am lost in awe of this miracle, this determination, this drive, this fortitude, this story, this inspiration.

What is your take on this oh you gentle followers of mine?


6 thoughts on “Nils Jent a true Inspiration!”

  1. Some people are just extraordinary. I wonder where the strength and courage to fight against all odds lies in human beings. I’m sure being around such a man literally awakens the giant within yourself. Thanks for sharing Marie.

  2. Stories like this makes us realise that we are so fortunate. It stops me from grumbling and complaining about mundane things. It’s amazing how Nils survives without the basic things we need to function. He’s a strong man and a fighter. May God continue to strengthen him.

    We can all learn something from his life and courage.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Yes June, it reminds me a similar post of yours too on grumbling out here. When l met him, watched his movie and shook his hand, l had lots of tears and a similar resolution to yours. Thanks once more

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