March 01 Countdown…

Final Cover

I am so excited with this final book cover of mine courtesy of my Gentleman.

I am so peaceful with my decision and my increasing efforts to live a Meaningful Life to the end.

There are still some minor paperwork to do but the book is all written, proof read, edited and all.

Thank you all in anticipation …


11 thoughts on “March 01 Countdown…”

    1. Thanks for visiting Zach,

      Let me pay you one too mindless of the time right now. That’s a bee’s schedule you know and yes l am working on getting both the kindle and the paper back published or ready on that D day!

  1. It will be apparent from her work:My Unconventional Loves: My Hurts,My Adulteries, My Redemption, that she is eager to turn the messy rather prurient side of her life into a vibrant testimony. This book, i believe will touch the hearts of men and women who have so far been wooed by this unfortunate paradigm shift of lust, deceit and vaulting ambition.

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