Further Revelation from my personal thriller – The Why!

Tick Tick says the clock and ready set says I.  Six days to go , 144 hours to split, 8640 seconds to muse and well the spirit of death never announces. I am thus in a race, one to publish on time, one to live ‘right’, and one to leave a legacy!Book Cover

Why I wrote this book!

Two reasons come to mind:

I first thought I would by publishing my thriller of a story, be lashing out at my family who would be hurt by my “washing such dirty linen in public”.

Well, I did not really care about my self-image any more at some point of my life. It was already so full of inner filth and outward glamour that I just felt relieve writing it all down.

Then it occurred to me I could do better with My Story. I could make My Mess My Message and I could make My Test My Testimony!

Indeed, whichever our spiritual beliefs, we are taught that the great ‘He/She’ doesn’t love or judge the way man does and that ‘They’ know it all. ‘They’ know how willing our spirits could be and yet how weak our flesh could also be.

So today, as I publish this book, it is my Therapy and my Message. I have no ill feelings against my family for to do that will be so selfish and ungrateful. What I put them through by my ‘disappearance’ especially my mother deserved their reactions and expressions however they did it.

Then, it was this same Mother of mine, who unlike the Father of the Prodigal Son, would not wait for me to come back knocking, but took all risk to come look for me in the ‘dessert’ and still stands by me today.

I started off explaining to her and getting her consent before publishing this book but as for her ‘liking’ the contents, well l don’t know and yes I think it is fine for us all!

As usual, oh ye gentle followers of mine, what thinketh thou?


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