I Survive on Drawings

 The Four of us in our boat.
The Four of us in our boat.

You may surely by now wonder if I am normal right?

Yes I am, thanks to them – you see, that is what I survive on above all, those drawings and flowers.

This is a very emotional week for me, probably compared only to the week I left my Kids.

This week is most emotional because in five days, my memoir goes LIVE! Well, the Kindle edition is already out there but the evidence remains in the paper back right?

What load will I be offloading? What weight will I be taking up? What ‘judgments’ will I be subjected to? What support will I be getting? The questions are endless.

One thing I know for sure, is that I will survive as I have so far done.

Just this saturday on the Divorce Magazine, I published a very emotional and sensational article on leaving my kids. My world could very well have stopped just then but no it did not.

My kids are I are trying as hard as it is, to cope our own way.

August 2012, the young men with their commander.
August 2012, the young men with their commander. (Gaby the third in the center is the last but not the least- the self declared Commander and Angel )

I do the calling when the lines are kind, I see them on skype when either of their ‘other mothers’ is online or takes them to a cyber shop, and I get information on them from their school or teacher.

Yes, I had tried to plan my departure with them and work out a stay in touch plan.

December 2012, our last Christmas together!
December 2012, our last Christmas together!

We have always been more of friends and even ‘cheri cocos’ than we have been ‘mother -child’.

That is why, Gaby will say ‘ton cheri coco’, David will sign  ton ami, and Alain will sign yours truly.

L 2 R, Gaby - David - Alain (The men in my life)
L 2 R, Gaby – David – Alain (The men in my life)

Together they are my three musketeers and together, we shall overcome just like the musketeers did.

We always remind each other that it is ‘Tous pour Un et Un pour Tous’ (All for One and One for All).

Yes, I Know many cannot understand and the tendency is to condemn that which we can’t!

Yes, I know some will be sorry for it is also in our human nature to be right?

Yes, I know other yet will say well serves you right after all am I not the one who ‘cooked my meals and made my bed’?

Whatever, I am sure of my drawings and flowers just like this one: and on those I survive.

And I know, just as painful as my life had been, just as traumatizing my marriage and divorce had been, just in the same way this one shall come to pass.

I know, those drawings and flowers

Gaby's Flower of 18 August 2013
Gaby’s Flower of 18 August 2013

will no longer only see me survive, but I will thrive and we all shall be happily together on that boat.

Gentle followers of mine, what says thou?


12 thoughts on “I Survive on Drawings”

  1. Mama Ayo,
    I must say that you are a true mother (as in my review). I will always prefer to call you and your boys; Ayo and Sons Enterprise!!. May you continue to love your children as truthfully as ever. I am happy to read this post of yours.

    1. Dear Bibi,

      I so much love your visits on my modest blog and your comments. I promise you a paper back autographed copy of my book in June.

      Yes I know you mean it when you say me and my enterprise and that is something many would not understand how possible it is to manage and Enterprise from afar.

      Well, one day it wouldn’t be same again but in the meantime, I do survive on my drawings and all.

      Hugs, Ayo

  2. Marie, your boys are so handsome. I can’t say I know how you feel being apart from your lovely boys, but I’m sure it hurts. But like you said, you survive on the drawings and you and your three musketeers shall overcome.

    One day soon you’ll see them again. I know you’re working hard towards that day. I was going to say keep strong, but you are strong already. So I’ll say instead, keep the faith. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      Please I need that your post on the strong and powerful woman again.

      Thanks for stopping by and yes thanks for your comments, love and support.

      Above all, thanks for all the blessings and kind wishes and sure I have always kept faith even when I sinked the deepest.

      Your autographed copy will come to your doorsteps by my modest person hopefully on March the 17th.

      Hugs, Marie 🙂

    1. My June, My all year Summer in this distant land, yes I am looking forward to visiting and hopefully spending the night with you to finish off my VIP June series.

      I am waiting for the post you promise mindless of your hectic schedule.

      Hugs, M

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