MY Angel and My Shepherd

Water drinking race organized by Gaby
Water drinking race organized by Gaby

I started off my posts of this week saying it was a very emotional one for me right? And how I survive far from what you read here and there!

So by now the reasons are obvious. My book goes Live on Paper back this coming monday  and for me that is the immortalization of my life.

That is the evidence of my journey so far and that is the story of a kid with a hurt who turns out the way she does, but who never gives up.

Several reasons have kept me going most important of which are my sons. My three Musketeers. The real men in my life!


Often so reflective
Often so reflective

the first, had his post on wednesday and the other two had already been introduced on monday by their drawings.

These two are equally special because they are my Shepherd and my Angel.

David Lumière my Shepherd

David my Shepherd
David my Shepherd

And Ange Gabriel my Angel

Aka the Commander
Aka the Commander

Well, since the Angel announced the good news to the Shepherd according to the ‘nativity’, I titled my post putting the Angel first.

As you could read in my book, their names were carefully chosen. David has an entire chapter and so does Gaby. Alain does too.

Here I focus on the Angel role and the Shepherd role of my boys.

Gaby has always made me relive my childhood by being a real copy of the ‘yummy’ kid I was.

My Angel
My Angel

He brings me ‘peace’ and ‘warmth’ and is so like an Angel in his understanding and behaviour. He told me he knows I am very far away in a country called Belgium and he knew why I was there.

He is curiously also an angel like to his siblings hence he has been named the commander.

Could we talk of last but not the least? Could we talk of age being nothing but a number? At four, he amazes and frankly for his last birthday, I told a few people he was turning five before I used my fingers to count the years.


My King David
My King David

as he loves being called, is a Shepherd in every sense. He is so gentle both with himself and with us all. He does everything slowly but very nicely. he takes care of his stuffs like the Shepherd does his sheep.

At seven, his hand writing is smooth to say the least and the efforts he makes in school where he studies in both English and French, leave everyone amaze for someone who speaks so little and is often at the mercy of his kid bother Gaby.

Gaby chiding David as usual
Gaby chiding David as usual

Yes, both my Angel and my Shepherd are physically oceans and million of miles away from me, but they are very much in me every second of my existence.

They are not even living together with Alain to make matter more sad. They actually get to see each other only when either of their ‘other parents’ decide so but I know those visits keep them going too.

One of such visits, Gaby happy with what Alain kept him
One of such visits, Gaby happy with what Alain kept him

Dear gentle followers of mine, permit me to leave you today with this concise but precise letter from my Shepherd:

David's letter of 18 August 2013
David’s letter of 18 August 2013

8 thoughts on “MY Angel and My Shepherd”

    1. June dear,

      Indeed they are a blessing. I am always excited when I see a comment from you. I haven’t seen a post of yours recently and I hope all is not super hectic with you right now.

      Have a great weekend and really hope to see you in person soon 🙂

  1. Mama Ayo,
    I enjoy reading your posts and i will keep on commenting. I know your shepherd and your angel are far away from you. However, distance is not a barrier because love conquers all things and never fails.
    I’m done with my exams and will going to Tiko probably over the weekend to spend sometime with my mother. I miss her much you know just as your sons miss you.
    Love, Bibi

    1. Bibi dear,

      Please greet your mother for me. As you rightly say, distance is not a barrier because love indeed conquers all.

      Hope to see you online tomorrow at the e-launch and your personal and autographed copy will be home in April through courier.

      Love Mama Ayo, 🙂

  2. Hi Marie,
    What beautiful boys you have. I feel your love for them in every word you wrote.
    Love, light and blessings

    1. Dear Vee,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I just visited your blog and was mumbling how l had not seen you here for a while and then l came back and found this. 🙂

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