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What on earth could push or pull a woman and mother of three to abandon her marriage, elope with a street kid, leaving those three kids behind?

What on earth could push or pull a woman to live such parallel lives and fake such an existence whereas all the ‘glamour’ was just superficial?

What definitely went wrong in her childhood that could have contributed to the sad and dare say ‘insane’ series of unconventional loves and existence?

Well, this is what the novel is all about.

This novel is a brutally honest memoir of a woman’s struggle to live a ‘Meaningful and Happy Life’.

This novel is a sad tale of the depths a woman had to sink to before braving to a new life of ‘Meaning and Happiness’.

This is a story of Determination, Discipline and Dedication which takes its readers through a series of ‘sane and insane acts’ of a woman who lived in adultery over and over again, who lived parallel lives, and who when she missed the suicide attempt, realized it was time to be Honest with herself and her world.

Intermingled in the sub themes, is the unfolding of a mother’s dramatic and tough love for her daughter.

Some say the novel is encapsulating and captivating and others say it is inspirational and motivational.

The Author says, she thinks it is both. She wrote this personal ‘thriller’ of hers in all honesty because she wanted to make her Mess her Message and her Test her Testimony.

It probably would make an excellent read!

Gentle Followers of mine, you all know I am so appreciative of your comments and hopefully your honest reviews right there on the amazon and others!


2 thoughts on “The Description as featured!”

  1. Marie, you’ve done it at last! Well done for getting this far.

    Your tests have indeed become your testimonies and your mess your message. You could have kept it all to yourself. But you didn’t. You wrote this book to share with the world, so others can learn and be inspired by your story.

    There’s always someone somewhere looking for something to give them a bit of hope. Your book will do that for the person seeking help.

    May God continue to strengthen you on your journey through life.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      The credit is collective and I know you know that I couldn’t have done it without your support and by your I mean us all.

      I really do hope I help someone heal much more than I leave someone feeling hurt.

      Lets see how the launch goes. 🙂

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