Fouziah and Catherine my mates, friends and heroines!

Fouzia my friend
Fouzia my friend

When I was had been accepted to come to the prestigious University School of Brussels Studies, it was a very crucial point in my life.

As my story narrates, and for those who will be reading my memoir, l just wanted to leave the country for good.

I needed to go to a different world and start all over.

I got onto the internet and joined as many school list serves as possible one of which was for prospective students where we introduced ourselves and hopefully made some new friends before coming.

l didn’t want many friends again and so I picked two out from the various introductions I read and going by my guts.

The first one was the lady you see in the picture, Fouzia is her name. I bookmarked and that was in September 2012. Funny enough, I finally got to meet Fouzia and we became friends only in April last year or thereabout giving four good months after we both started off in the same school.

Fouzia is like my elder sister and that is why I like her so much. She is kind of fragile and very careful, has her own dreams in her own calm way, and takes her time to do things.

Fouzia is also my star because she bought the very first paperback edition of my book, well from my stock of 10 which I had ordered.

Fouzia even wanted to pay a double prize saying it was her modest contribution while brooding how when we invited her over for dinner I didn’t let her bring a bottle of wine.

Oh, Fouzia helps me fume off whenever I am crazed by my team at work or feel stuck with my studies and hyper beehive. It is also funny how I only knew she was the same person I had bookmarked a few weeks ago when I stumbled on an email we had exchanged before I came.

The next friend I bookmarked is called Catherine Duchess of W.

Catherine duchess of W
Catherine duchess of W

I met her a little earlier than Fouzia well, probably because we were not many Africans in the class right?

I had even exchanged a few emails with her and so it wasn’t difficult to introduce each other further.

Ha Lady Kate as I will henceforth call her is one dynamic bunch but not as bee like myself.

She says she just recently joined Facebook and that alone had prevented our friendship from blooming back then because I didn’t have a smart phone nor even a reliable one, I lived in a far off village, and well I am part time while they both are full time.

Who buys a book for twice the price? Lady Kate does. Who offers the seller a gift of a bottle of perfume em euphoria by Calvin Klein? Lady Kate again.

Lady Kate does not like ‘wahala’ like I don’t mind entertaining though. I think she would be more like my kind sister. Social in her own way, but just that.

Lady Kate however has a gift I admire; she can read piles of books at once. As for Fouzia, she knows how to just shut down the damn “smart ass” of a phone and enjoy her vacation or get serious if need be.

How could I not be very grateful for my two friends who just complement me in one way or the other? Fouzia and Lady Kate had even unknown to me then been flat mates at some period last year; Hm, they even tell me the other is a nice person.

They are therefore my school mates, my friends and my heroines from this other episode of my life!

And so, on the ocassion of the International day of the Woman, I wish them and all other women who will read this post, a great day and life all together. May all the men who are their women’s Gentleman have a great life too!


3 thoughts on “Fouziah and Catherine my mates, friends and heroines!”

  1. I’ve not been getting updates to your posts Marie. Sorry I haven’t been in touch, but I’ve been working on some personal issues.

    I’m glad you’ve met some wonderful women who was there to support and encourage you. You will always meet people like that because of the type of person you are.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      Thanks for always showing me you are there even just with a like or another of such your warm comments.

      Yes we are all so busy with lots of stuffs but finding a minute or two to stop by like this and cheer each other up is very kind.

      Hope to see you soon, cheers 🙂

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