Sibling Love: How tough is and should it be?

How true?
How true?

I couldn’t find the term for sibling love, like we have filial love to mean that between a parent and the child. So please if you know it right, just leave a comment.

Now to my post, the picture’s caption tells us something so what is it I have to add? Read on to find out for yourselves!

One of my very first posts on this blog was about my family and that was on the 29th of November last year. Wow, how time flies?

I didn’t know then why I labelled it a ‘Gardener’s Family’. I decided to be a gardener and to have a special page called Marie’s Garden so maybe that’s why!

Now, my relationship with my siblings has always been as diverse and all and I said a little in my book.  Ah that controversial book again?

Life has dealt my siblings and I blows for example when our parents divorced and for some time we were ‘motherless’ in my father’s house and had to deal with that our own way. I remember stepping it to ‘mother’ us a while and I reflect on some of that in a recent post of mine.

Now, as if that was not enough to keep us together, as if that was enough to increase our Sibling Love, I had to go through my own divorce and cut connection with my siblings for quite some time (like 8 months while I sorted my sanity out).

Well, I thought we could survive that too and well somehow we did!

How True?
How True?

But, things have never been the same again!

My siblings and I have  a ‘cool’ relationship. Let me leave it at this!

I miss my brother
I miss my brother

My all the time favorite I must admit, is and has always been my brother. My one and only and his post will be featured someday. He is special, so special. I fought real fights and tough one in primary school to protect him whether he was at fault or not. I fought 5 girls at the same time, I mean older girls and even some boys.

As for my two sisters, they have their own lives, ways, believes and all!

The trouble is, probably ME! I must be difficult to love unconditionally. I don’t know if that should be expected and if I truly love them unconditionally too?  Yet,  I sincerely think I do!

I came across a blog post on ‘siblingship’ and how we should take care of them and that is exactly what I am hoping to do this next three days.

I sought a visa to go thousands of miles and visit my sister and her family. She was initially excited about the project but then she read my book and things sort of became very ‘formal’. I dare not say more.

But, I will still go for that is what I want to do. I haven’t seen her and hers for years. That’s life right?

This I know to be true :

I love my sisters
I love my sisters

This I wish to be true:

I wish to be true always
I wish to be true always

And this I leave for our reflections:

How truly memorable could this be among siblings?
How truly memorable could this be among siblings?

Gentle followers of mine, you know how much I appreciate your likes, comments or sharing right?


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