Struck by the SSS Syndrome!

Hey friends, I have been struck by the SSS Syndrome! l am sure you may be wondering which one is this now right?

Here we go:

S for sick – I am sick and this since yesterday. l tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t go and so l went to see the doctor today and she said, before even the lab results, she is prescribing me lots of rest.

She adviced to turn off the computer and em phone but I convinced her that l may need to call her back if there was an emergency right?

How nature had its way of calling us to order and making us look — S

Yes S as in silly – there goes my second s; l feel so silly like it’s my fault and that l would like to be in control of the pain but sorry. When we are sick, we are often helpless and sometime feel silly for being so right?

This whole thing is getting on my nerves, me who signed up for the #AtoZ April Challenge on my other blog next street in bloggerville: -fortunately I had already scheduled all my post for the twenty-six days or else this would have been one big April Fool’s shot; please visit me there and cheer me up because l really feel S

Oh my, S as in Sluggish because l am so helpless and sad to say the least.  l can’t use my arm – the left one and for a left handed like myself, that is catastrophic!

Something to do too with my articulations and muscles; l am currently typing with one hand and since yesterday l ate with this same righthand and some other things l just can’t do without my DD’s help. You see, l can’t even link his post!

Well, but for the pain, l am glad for the rest! l am optimist too in the end because l even have the possibility to go to the hospital, buy my medication and all!

Dear Gentle followers of mine, l just felt to keep you informed and do leave a comment or two so that when next l open this PC, I will Smile some more!


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