My Adulteries – Series 2


Some interesting infographics from the USA
Some interesting infographics from the USA

We all read series 1 I suppose so, series 2 starts of with some legal intonations – well, maybe it will all end up legal too in my story? I think we could only best find out in the book itself so now back to another thrilling excerpt right?

Wait, before we get there, may be we could wonder why in spite of legislation, adultery is still so prevalent?

I came across this image and sincerely found it befitting on a personal note:

I couldn't but agree with this!
I couldn’t but agree with this!

My ex-husband and I had come to mean so little to each other that we not only went out separate ways emotionally and all though still living under the same roof, but we eventually sought a divorce after l left.

“…Oh Ayo I did suffer in there, becoming worse of than Marie Magdalene.

The Reverend I had an affair with this time around was strangely the least of my worries. Maybe somehow, I was kind of used to cheating and not being caught and even enjoying the rides by now.

This relationship lasted close to six months and even the pregnancy I pleasantly discovered myself carrying for my husband, (of course I had once been bitten enough to protect myself on such outings) did not repel him until I decided to give up that relationship as a lent offering.

We had webbed a relationship I can’t describe out of décor and decorum and we were almost dependent upon each other emotionally to the extent that every few hours, we talked for a minute or thereabouts, and sent each other text messages. We counseled each other on various issues, visited each other’s homes and much more.

Maybe because I knew it was a dead end, I wasn’t in the least worried about the future because I knew sooner or later he would definitely be moving on with his life and I would have taken a final decision about leaving too.

But by the time five months was around the corner and I was getting into my fourth month of pregnancy, and as he wasn’t moving on or giving up on this ‘nonsense’ of a relationship, I decided once more that it was time. 

Next, I got to meet the one I fondly and seriously consider as my earthly “Treasure”. I called him ‘trésor’, at all times whether we were having our own disagreements, good fights or not. He also went through several crisis of his own, both in the country and out in the “wilderness”, and I tried for as long and as much as I could to stand by him just as he back then, stood by me on countless occasions and through all sorts of crisis.

I remember even once telling him I thought we deserved a break for the pressure was about to bury me deep and he reluctantly agreed.

I was in Arusha then and I soon started a brief flirt with a man aged half a century, good enough to be my father and nothing to write home about. My ‘Treasure’ counseled me and made a big sacrifice to come and see me in Arusha, and I didn’t even know he was coming. I was equally so pleasantly surprised that coincidentally he was also called Alain.

We went through so much and then when I felt the moment, that moment, that I had to move on, I wrote him a long email; although he never replied, I think he realised it was time for both of us to let go of that ‘Madness’ of a Love Relationship…”

Well, gentle followers of mine, I have shared these excerpts with you in all honesty, modesty, humility and gratitude.

I have so far had some reviews and I shared some in a recent post. Adultery may not have been the axe that felled my wedding tree, no I wrote about what I felt was the key killer, but it played a great role.

I write only my story for I can’t hold the pen to any other’s book. I  don’t seek pity nor even blame, no it is useless. I wish to provoke discussions, reflections and much more.

Dear all, do show so love by sharing, commenting and why not grabbing a copy of the book?


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