Emotions and Well being!

Our everyday emotions
Our everyday emotions

This week, I go emotional as in seriously. This week, I introduce what will eventually become my coaching business in some years to come.

It's ok to discuss our emotions
It’s ok to discuss our emotions

Women: it is ok to discuss our emotions! This week I say Women, next week I say men, and thereafter I will speak to us all!

I suppose there is nothing wrong in dreaming, aspiring and planning. I love doing stuff in advance, sort of trying to figure out a whole project before I embark, least of which is even a mere weekend.

And so after much thought, I decided to embark on a challenging but fulfilling career as a Personal and emotional well being coach. I am still at the conception stage but I am excited about it enough to share the news with you.

It takes certifications, preparations, organization, finalization and all but yes – I am ready to embark on all that. I am currently being coached by Jeffrey l. Moore and that is frankly speaking one of the best self investments I ever made.

Now, back to my post for today! I have noticed and personally didn’t do it too, that we women and well especially in my continent Africa or even country Cameroon where I know quiet some women, we don’t think it is ok to discuss our emotions.

Maybe just like ‘men’ (well I don’t mean all either) had long thought and maybe still do think that it’s not ok for them to cry, women thought it ain’t ok to discuss their emotions.

What are emotions? I got this from Wiki:

In psychology and philosophyemotion is a subjectiveconscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressionsbiological reactions, and mental states. Emotion is often associated and considered reciprocally influential with moodtemperamentpersonalitydisposition, and motivation.[1] It also is influenced byhormones and neurotransmitters such as dopaminenoradrenalineserotoninoxytocincortisol and GABA. Emotion is often the driving force behind motivation, positive or negative.[2] An alternative definition of emotion is a “positive or negative experience that is associated with a particular pattern of physiological activity.

There are several different emotions we have to deal with in every day life and this info graphics is interesting;


So what do I think and make of all this? Personally, I didn’t discuss even just 1/3 of these. I didn’t discuss neither with my own self, with my partner or family nor with my ‘girl friend’ and here I put quotes because we would sure like to discuss with that ‘girlfriend’ (or boyfriend as the case maybe) we can trust not to make matters worst for us.

In a subsequent post on this journey, I will categorize some of these emotions and also look at their inextricable link to our personal cum emotional well being, hence to our ‘productivity’.

But, before then, next week, I will speak to our ‘men’. And, for men who care about their women, they have to understand their emotions or encourage them to talk with them and of course vice versa.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, this is my new found passion and ambition and I know many will wish me well. Maybe some will become my clients someday. The journey is just starting. I went through so much in life and my book tells most of it. I think it is noble now for me to help others too albeit professionally.

The journey is just starting!


10 thoughts on “Emotions and Well being!”

  1. I wish you well with your proposed new career Marie. It’s good to follow your heart’s desire. I’m sure you’ll make a good coach.

    You’re right by saying a lot of women don’t like to talk about their emotions. But, I think it’s good to talk. When you bottle your feelings up. they can lead to all sorts of sickness. So, I always encourage my daughters to get it off their chest. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      I appreciate your visits to my blog and your comments. I just can’t wait to visit you in London for inspiration and motivation.

      Thanks once more and yes lets do it if not for us but for our daughters and children; 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by,

      I am truly honoured to have come this far and to be reaching out and helping even just one person with my story, journey and all.

      Kind wishes to you too 🙂

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