I thrive

I thrive
I thrive

and this means: to prosper in any business; to have increase or success. Living a meaningful life is my business which I am running on my terms.

I feel good, thralalalala – what’s wrong in being happy, proud and contented in life? What stops us from talking and even being proud about our successes, joys and high hopes?

Some people think it is a lack of humility. But tell me, is it ok to always complain, be full of self pity, demand empathy and hide our emotions away lest people say or whisper here and there?

On monday, I wrote about our emotions and our well being and my plans in that direction. Yes it is a great journey I am embarking on and I don’t mind who comes along initially, no I just want to go on that criuse.

On Monday, I equally wrote an article on the Divorce Magazine about my thriving and not just surviving post divorce.

I shared my steps in getting to my present glow!

One: I left my Country. I needed to do this. It was too much to bear.

Two: I met my Darling DarlingYes, life goes on after a divorce.

Three: I wrote my book:  I wrote and self published my book yes I did!

It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t; oh no but let me tell you what is the ultimate:

I discovered coaching and blogging although in the reversed order. I re-discovered my ‘fierceness’, yes I went really unconventional by publishing my book.

I labelled it accordingly and re-worked its trailer to my satisfaction.

Now, I am slowly but surely thriving and I know it is up to us to do same or to watch other do same while reading their stories!

I am HAPPY, very happy. I have high HOPES and tiny fears, I know it wouldn’t be easy after all nobody ever said it was going to be.  I also  know with faith, Determination – Discipline and Dedication I will thrive for a long time to come!

Dear gentle readers and followers, are you thriving or just surviving? 

Do you care for a journey to more emotional well being? 

If Yes, then you can start on your own by re-eveluating yourself and if it be so hard a solo journey, reach out!



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