Yee Mu my Myanmar Heroine in Dubai

I don’t know what has kept me from writing this post ever since? It has ever since I started a page for my heroines, been on my mind!

Yes, I do have them lots of heroines and writing these posts, is my own way of celebrating them and all those who impact others’ lives.

A girl from Myanmar
A girl from Myanmar

My heroine could very well look like this but helas I don’t have any real picture with or of hers.

That period was a very difficult one for me and to tell you the extent I almost derailed out there, I even stole from a shop a few times. What did I steal, food.

I had no money and no job. I had cut off communication with my mother and whole family because the thought I was possessed and well I left in the first place right? and did all those nasty things I narrate in my book right?

So when I got to Dubai, I lived with my boyfriend of then in an a flat alongside at least 6 other people.  It was a three bedroom flat and more rooms had been created in the sitting room using plywood.

The rents were to be compared with those in London, Paris or New York and so the savings I brought paid that up.

Then this flat mate of mine, oh she who was just  a cleaner with emirates airlines but who cleaned the planes on transit and all, took pity on me.

I did not know about Myanmar before and she barely spoke English. I think her supervisor at work was from Myanmar too and so she got her hired and well in such jobs language ain’t real necessary I think.

She lived with her husband and they both worked at the Emirates airlines cleaning planes. This picture I found online reminds me very much of them: both were petite too just like these!

Traditional Myanmar couple
Traditional Myanmar couple

She started bringing left overs and giving me (us) and this helped a lot. I fasted all day not only because I did not have any thing to eat, but also because I wanted to discipline myself so and keep my faith believing that those trying moments were going to pass.

And today, those moments are long gone. My heroine by the time I left Dubai, was 7 months pregnant and they were making arrangements to return to Myanmar, have the baby, leave him there before returning to toil for their daily bread.

People like her are my angels, my inspirations and motivations. I definitely wish her blessings and all the best wherever she is.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, it is with this post that I conclude my week. Next week, I resume on Tuesday with Emotions and Well Being – reach out to men ( hopefully someday it will come to be too).

Happy Easter to all the Christians in the house!


4 thoughts on “Yee Mu my Myanmar Heroine in Dubai”

  1. Dear June,

    Thx for ur kind words. Yes, l believe my creator watches so much over me. I am so glad and that’s why l want to also help as mamy people as l can even just with my stories. 🙂

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