Men and Emotions

This is a very tough one I must admit right?

I mean even psychologists can only say as much, what less of me? What am I venturing into?

Well, I said as much in my first post in this series and this new passionate journey of mine and you can refresh right here:

In a previous article I did for the Divorce Magazine, I talked about the conversations my ex-husband and I never had until recently.

Why couldn’t we discuss our emotions and hence find solutions to whatever we were going through?

I have admitted not discussing even 1/5th of my emotions. Well, not that I didn’t want to but because the opportunities were almost ever never there.

Is it only tradition, religion or something else? Is it that even the men don’t want to discuss emotions at all be it theirs or yours?

I know there are some men who do and that’s good for them. I am sure these ones have seen the benefits in discussing their emotions but I know there are many more who still think it is ‘macho’ not to discuss them.

People,  admitting nor discussing our emotions can cause irreparable damages, have been there – done that and so at least am an example.

I came across this you tube clip on men and their emotions and share it with you while wishing you a fruitful week.

What is your take on this dear gentle readers and followers of mine?

8 thoughts on “Men and Emotions”

  1. Interesting perspective, Marie. I feel that couples must shed their ego and communicate which is the way to sort out problems. We need to talk and just talk to wipe off all misunderstandings that crop up.

  2. Hi Visha,
    Thanks for stopping by and you are totally right; Men really don’t have anything to lose if they discuss their emotions with themselves and their wives. On the contrary, we all can attest to how much harmony reigns in a home where the two partners are friends and sure the same applies in all other relationships right?

  3. Men show emotions differently than woman, so we sometimes don’t think they feel the way we do. When we share our feelings it sometimes comes off that we are nagging and they don’t actually hear us. Communication is very important in a relationship.

    Blogging AtoZ “Things My Husband Has Broken”

  4. Dear Kim,
    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving such poignant comment.

    You are right because you are there and can tell us from both sides of the coin meaning how you express your emotions and how you feel your husband expresses his.

    As you pointed out, women have a different way of sharing feelings than men and if the both don’t get it and don’t even try any further, then we know chaos sets in.

    I know about the importance of communication in a relationship because as l wrote in one of my posts, it was the Key Killer in my marriage.


    I #atoz at

  5. Some men I know don’t discuss their emotions because they think it will make them look weak. They have to keep up the tough, macho image. But, internalising their feelings can do more harm than good.

    When they don’t talk about what they’re going through, they can become angry or even violent. Everyone needs an outlet. Because they’re not letting out what’s killing them inside, they explode. The person closest to them is the one who gets the brunt of their anger.

    Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

    1. June,

      You are right in all you say. I really wish even one man will ‘loosen’ up after reading my post. I also hope that we women could also learn more how to help our men when they even start trying to discuss their emotions and in their own kind of way right?

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