Fati my Senegalese hairdresser and heroine

I truly love writing about my heroines right?

I found an Unconditional Friend in Fati
I found an Unconditional Friend in Fati

Many of them are in my little world and some are out there known by many. Well, that’s life and I am a woman who has never stopped counting her blessings.

So here we go for today.

I have always loved to have a particular ‘service provider’, be it my tailor, hairdresser and all. The best reason is that I hope to have someone I could bond with in that regard and not just see as a ‘trader’. Even in the markets back home, I had my special ‘mamis’ from whom I bought this or that foodstuff etc.

When I came to Brussels, I started looking for a hairdresser. Men, I even shaved my hair at some point so that I could have more time to decide on what next to do about braiding giving the cost, and trouble finding ‘a  hairdresser’.

I asked some Africans I met in the streets, bus anywhere and most sent me to ‘Matonge’ (an area like one of those open markets we have back home). My guts however did not want to go there.

And then someday last August, I was referred to Fati and since then, she has become my ‘sister’ from Senegal.

Last monday, I went to do my hair as usual and Fati gave me an appointment to meet up somewhere. She was a bit late and I was getting nervous. A friend I spoke to adviced that I go to ‘Matonge’ but I decided to wait for Fati.

As if the delay wasn’t enough, when she came she insisted we go to her new ‘cot’ which was like 45 more minutes away. Well, I went along after all, we were already together.

Fati loves chatting and she let me in on so many things in her life and family and all and I was just glad to listen and note how glad she was to have a listening ear.

When Fati started braiding my hair ‘at last’, we were soon interrupted by her Uncle with whom she lived that it was lunch/dinner (5pm or so) time and he wouldn’t take any excuse.

So you can see for yourself how it went the Senegalese way : I was glad to drink two cups of their lovely chai though 🙂

Sharing a meal the Senegalese way
Sharing a meal the Senegalese way

Fortunately, Fati does the braiding pretty quick too and so in like an hour later, we were done:

I looked like a barbie doll huh!
I looked like a barbie doll huh!

Sometimes, I have an idea of what I want but Fati often tell me what she thinks will be best for me giving the weave I bring and all.

What matters in the end is the love I find in Fati.

She is a Muslim and that’s not our concern.

She is however a strong woman who has equally been through so much and is out here on her own with her 3 kids back in Senegal with her mother. (Maybe you can talk of birds of the same feather?)

The best part is, Fati thinks she should pay for my transport fare and always insist on returning 5 euros whenever I pay her which already is a very modest amount.

Someday, I may have to offend her and not take the money or what do you think gentle readers and followers of mine?


5 thoughts on “Fati my Senegalese hairdresser and heroine”

  1. Hi Marie,

    It’s lovely to meet a kind person. You seem to know lots of them. You’re well liked and that’s good.

    Maybe you should save up the money she gives you back and buy her a beautiful present. I’m sure she would love the surprise and you’ll feel good giving it to her.

    Just an idea! Enjoy your weekend Marie. 🙂

    1. Wow, June,

      You have a great idea and now when we meet, I will beg for more ideas.

      You are right about me having many friends, frankly I can’t count them all from all corners of the earth.

      I just count my blessings and thank my friends over and again even by a simple blog post.

      See you soon my special friend 🙂

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