Learning to Cook

Going from the title of my post I think we may be wondering if any African Woman should even write such right?

Learning to Cook
Learning to Cook

I mean, we take it for granted that we are supposed to know how to cook and clean especially if we ‘rightly’ grew up by our mama’s side right?

When I was growing up, it was all but very normal that girls stay in the kitchen with mama and the boys go round with papa. Yes, the kitchen was ‘out of bounds’ for boys and men.

Well, I wasn’t a ‘normal’ girl then and my book or even my tale tells it all. I spent more time around my papa or out in the ‘wild’ than anywhere near mama’s kitchen.

But today, my post is not only about learning the simple technique of cooking a plain meal, no it is much more.

Given that I spent the barest minimum time around my mama’s kitchen, she and all all but ‘wrote me off’ as even an amateur cook. I remember promising myself one day I was going to surprise them. In the mean time, I consoled myself cooking kids ‘sand meals’ for my dolls.

Cooking for my dolls
Cooking for my dolls

What they didn’t know was that in all those homes I visited, I stayed with the girls and their mummies in their kitchens every now and then and learnt a thing or two. Yes at home I was never trusted to even fry an egg and my mama will say I could only cook for the ‘dog’ and she didn’t have food for me to ruin for him.

When I got married, my Mother in law took it up too as if she knew what I had grown up to/with. She hammered and haunted me how I had to first live with her for some time to learn how to ‘cook what she knows her son loves to eat’. She made it a habit to show up (starting right the day after we got married) often and of course unannounced with some dish or the other for her son. This was the last straw.

I started learning however l could and read all l could and practiced all l could until l became the amateur cook l am today. Wow, my darling darling says l cook so well and have a 2/3 star – coming from a French Man – means a lot.

With cook books and all
With cook books and all

I so much loved to cook and cook that I can’t blame only child bearing or stress for the hefty 115kgs I once weighed.

That’s not all however, because there is a sad note to my learning experience. The more I did my best and cooked even three course meals hoping my husband will even be Gentleman enough to come back home early, eat my food and leave even a slim compliment, the more he ignored me.

Well, I continued learning and nurturing my passion, I even encouraged my sister in law who wasn’t making any headway in school, to go into one of those ‘cooking schools’.

I cooked for my kids and ‘friends’ and all.

Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love

Today, I cook for my darling darling and he loves it so much that he has opened a ‘private restaurant’ for me.

French Cuisine includes dressing a table
French Cuisine includes dressing a table

Haha, I am even learning French cuisine pretty fast can even bake so well me who never baked or watch my sister bake (she loved and knew so well to bake and still does) until coming over.

Learning French Cuisine
Learning French Cuisine

So dear readers and followers, I don’t know if this is my experience alone but what I have learnt from this is that we can thrive in anything we truly set out to do.

I would be glad to read and respond to your comments and sure if you share then it means much more!


5 thoughts on “Learning to Cook”

  1. It’s a pity your mum didn’t allow you to experiment in the kitchen. But mine didn’t either. I didn’t learned to cook until I was in a relationship. It was trial and error. Now people say I’m a good cook. 🙂 It took time to master.

    Like you said, you can achieve anything you set out to do. So true!

    Well I hope you’ll enjoy the curry goat and rice and peas I’ll be cooking for us to share tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Dear June,

    You are so right and sure we both are very good cooks today. 🙂

    Please don’t wet my apetite too much for l have read alot on goat curry and peas 😛

    See you at last in but a few hours.

  3. Very proud of you for believing in yourself and learning! My girlfriend didn’t know how to cook when we first met but now she is an excellent chef (I think she got tired of my cooking haha) – but she makes excellent dishes and she has taught herself. Keep it up Marie, that French Cuisine looks great!! 🙂

    1. Hey Zach,

      Thanks for hopping by. You are funny about your girl ‘being done’ with your cooking. Well, that was an incentive for her to learn and push herself to becoming the chef she is today.
      Yes, in life, every dark cloud thus have a silver lining 🙂

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