Emotions and Categories: My series

I continue my Monday posts on emotions with this research on Emotions and Categories. l assume oh gentle readers and followers of mine, that you must have noticed a pattern of my blog by now right? Yep I am excited about my newest passionate journey and hope to weekly share something on that!

I am calling any categorization I attempt in here as my series because:

Psychologists have yet to fully tackle the question “How many emotions do we have?” Hence Categories of Emotions abound.

Just looking closely at this image, we can try to figure out how many categories of emotions there are or how many we identify with and how we manage or let them ‘manage’ us and much more:


Today, I wish to concentrate on the category I will call Great Emotions – what may otherwise be referred to as positive emotions. These are those emotions which keep us ‘happy, jovial, enthusiastic…’ and optimistic and you name it.

Here is an infographic I found on the internet from another blog:


Able Absolved Abundant Acceptable Accepted Accepting Accomplished Accountable Achieving Active
Adaptable Adequate Admirable Admired Adored Affluent Agreeable Alert Ambitious Amused
Appreciated Appreciative Approved Approving Assertive Assured At Ease Attached Attentive Atrractive
Authentic Awake Aware Awesome Balanced Beautiful Believing Blessed Blissful Bonded
Brave Bright Brilliant Calm Capable Captivated Cared For Carefree Careful Caring
Cautious Centered Certain Cheerful Cherished Clean Clear Collected Comfortable Comforted
Committed Compassionate Complete Composed Comprehending Confident Congruent Connected Conscious Constant
Content Cooperative Courageous Credible Daring Decisive Defended Delighted Dependable Desirable
Dignified Discerning Disciplined Distinguished Dutiful Dynamic Eager Easy Going Ecstatic Edified
Efficient Elated Elegant Elevated Emancipated Empowered Encouraged Energetic Energized Enthusiastic
Euphoric Exceptional Excited Exhilarated Experienced Expressive Exuberant Faithful Fantastic Favored
Firm Flexible Flowing Focused Forceful Forgiven Fortified Fortunate Free Friendly
Fulfilled Gentle Genuine Gifted Glowing Good Graceful Gracious Gratified Grounded
Growing Guarded Happy Harmonious Healed Helpful Heroic High Honest Honorable
Honored Hopeful Humble Humorous Important In Control Included Independent Infatuated Influential
Innocent Inspired Intelligent Interested Invigorated Invincible Invited Jovial Joyful Jubilant
Judicious Kind Learning Liberated Light Lighthearted Loose Loved Loyal Lucky
Magnetic Marvelous Masterful Mature Meek Merciful Methodical Mindful Modest Motivated
Neat Noble Observant Open Open Hearted Organized Pacified Pampered Pardoned Passionate
Patient Peaceful Perfect Persevering Pleasant Pleased Popular Positive Powerful Praised
Precious Prepared Present Productive Proficient Progressive Prosperous Protected Prudent Punctual
Purified Purposeful Qualified Quick Quiet Radiant Rational Reasonable Reassured Receptive
Recognized Redeemed Regenerated Relaxed Reliable Relieved Remembered Replenished Resolute Respected
Respectful Responsive Restored Revitalized Rewarded Rooted Satisfied Secure Selfless Self Reliant
Sensational Sensible Sensitive Serene Settled Sharing Simple Skillful Smooth Soothed
Spirited Splendid Stable Steadfast Stengthened Strong Successful Supported Sustained Tactful
Teachable Temperate Tenacious Tender Thankful Thoughtful Thrilled Tolerant Tranquil Triumphant
Trusting Understanding Understood Undisturbed Unhurried Unique United Unselfish Upheld Valiant
Valuable Valued Virile Vital Warm Wealthy Willing Wise Wonderful Worthwhile
Worthy Yielding Zealous


Wow, what a list? How many of these do we identify with? How of these are glad to possess, manifest, portray, look forward to having, actually realize we want to have, should have and can have? I am curious myself and am studying as I make these discoveries.

So what do I hope to do with my research on Emotions and Categories?

Once I get established, my aim will be to help my clients amongst others, to manage their emotions. It is imperative to do so for this greatly impacts our well being. I will work with them to realize that it is ok and normal to discuss their emotions, both men and women alike and sure even children and that we have watch out the extent to which we allow the intensity of our emotions to affect us and our relationships (and I mean both Great and Not so Great emotions – positive and negative).

I truly wish to be able to accomplish this passionate mission of mine and to help more than I could otherwise have done.

Please, feel free as usual to leave your generous comments on emotions and categories as you see it. Don’t forget to also share this post so that many more are touched 🙂


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