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June my Jamaican Heroine: series II

I am so excited at meeting June my Jamaican Heroine, at long last, that I am starting this post even before I leave for London. Or don’t you find this exciting?

I could do with some ganja?
I could do with some ganja?

Haha, oh, following series one, I should have met June by now right? Ok, now to :

The report in full
The report in full

I had hoped to meet June after I land in London and get to spend the night with her (hoping to get some her strong spirit while we slept) but my flight was not only a late night, but the computers at London Gatwick airport chose that very night to stop working. This caused a five hour wait to go through border control.

I didn’t lose hope and we quickly agreed on having dinner on Sunday, thus guaranteeing my finally getting to eat a real Jamaican dish. Trust me to arrive 30 minutes before time!

Hmm, June my Jamaican Heroine,

June my all year summer!
June my all year summer!

is all what she tells us in her blogs and much more! It is hard not to fall in love with her. I believe fervently that I walk by faith and not by sight especially when it comes to human relationships. Yes I am an extrovert too and many a time, I have sensed if that relationship or person will be a + or a – (sure you understand).

She is so far the only friend and heroine of mine to get series in my blog and this should tell you more.

We had such pleasant discussions and if she had never told me, I would have thought she was my elder sister’s age mate.

Oh my, June is a woman of faith. She is such a strong woman who has been through so much too in life and who is leaning in.

We may not share the same religious affiliations and passions but that doesn’t matter to me. Her believing in taking giant steps of faith like leaving a ‘teaching job’ to become a full time copy writer and blogger, is courageous, fascinating, inspirational and motivating!

Yes, I am definitely so proud to have met June online, to have reached out to her, to have kept our friendship going, and to have visited her.

I was honoured above all to offer my dear June an autographed copy of my book. She was duly acknowledged therein and wrote a blurb for the back cover at such short notice and with no hesitation at all. She encouraged and still encourages me, gives me valuable advice and was even willing to proof read my book if I had wanted to bother her with that mindful of her hectic schedule.

June and I
June and I

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, as we grow older, we learn a lot of lessons in life and meet all sort of people.  Amongst those I have met in my blogging life and even out of it, June stands out. I sincerely wish we all get to have such a friend in life, who even if they don’t necessarily agree with all we do, will not let that mare our friendship.

Do you have a similar experiences you may want to share? What do you think about my series on June my Jamaican Heroine? 



Marie Angele Abanga (simplified to Marie Abanga) aka MAG likes to describe herself as a “Jacqueline of several trades”. She is an everyday woman and mother with a zigzag profile. Let’s give it a try! She is an Activist, an Author, a Coach, a Consultant, a Feminist, a Lawyer, a Lecturer, a Prince 2 Project Manager, a Psychotherapist, a Philanthropist, a minister of the Word of God and...! She just loves to sum it up by saying she is a person of passions and a tale of talents. Her life’s journey has filled over 6 books already and her three musketeers keep her busy at home. MAG is also the founder and CEO of the association Hope for the Abused and Battered, and the Country Director of the Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing. The plethora of life's experiences and shenanigans she has lived through and learned from in near 4 decades of existence, have equipped her with such an arsenal to coach, train and motivate just any and everyone. She is so charismatic, dynamic and full of life, going by her designed mantra of 3Ds: Determination; Discipline and Dedication. These sum her+her quest to be the best version of herself and impact others perfectly. She attributes all her wealth of knowledge to her conscientious attendance of both informal and formal school.

9 thoughts on “June my Jamaican Heroine: series II

  1. Marie, you are a wonderful person. And so full of wisdom and inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to visit me. And for the awesome things you said about me in your posts. I am truly touched.

    It was great to finally meet you. I’m glad you enjoyed the Jamaican dish we shared together. Sorry for keeping you waiting!

    Marie, you gave me some valuable advice about my blogs. You’ve helped me make some firm decisions. I’m grateful for that.

    Thanks for the signed copy of your book. I appreciate it. 🙂 I’ve started reading it. I’ll write a review after I’ve finished.

    Have a lovely day. 🙂

    1. June, there is nothing to be sorry about because I made and always try to make the best out of such situations. Yes, I follow my intuition especially in human relations and have seldom regretted.

      If you are candid with your own self, you will admit you are that person I wrote of regardless of what life has done or is doing to and with you. I don’t know you inside out, but I feel you.

      I sincerely wish you and yours the best. 🙂

    1. Oh no, am nominated for an award? first in history. Hm, I have got to do the little assignment first right? ok thanks anyway and thanks for gettinh me to visit Anayan’s blog, thanks a million my Val from India 🙂

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