PR Goretti: My Modest Heroine

Heroines in all categories
Heroines in all categories

I love writing about my heroines because then, I express my gratitude to the world. I share something usually personal about these women with the world and l know even one person would learn something new too.

My blogging life started precisely on the 17th of November 2013 with my posting an entire journal. l called it Chronicles of my empowerment by a rally. It would sure make a good read because l started off that rally not knowing ‘shit’, but l ended up a month later among the ‘best’.

Now to my heroine of the day, month and year. She got me to start blogging. I had approached her because she is one of those blogging barons from my country, whose blogs l read even without knowing what a blog was (think 2009). I asked her to share my chronicles on her blog because someone may be inspired. She published them in chunks and after the third chunk, she encouraged me to start a blog.

We fast forward six months, and we have all this. I mean if just for that she isn’t my heroine, then hear some more.

I have know PR since childhood. We lived in the same city and our fathers were friends. She is a jolly girl like myself and you could imagine the instant bond. Then, we landed in the same secondary school and although I am some couple months her senior, that has never made me feel the list ‘stuffy’ with her and all my other ‘junior’ ones.

When we left that school, we lost touched but fate jolted us to the same university. We joined our alma matter association and decided to perform a duo together for our cultural night. Because I couldn’t get hold of that famous picture in time for this post (getting something from Cameroon either by email or post is a headache), I will share the you tube of that clip:

We sang it from our hearts, we went down on our knees, we cried as we sang and yes we got an ovation too.

It’s been that solid of a friendship ever since. It may sometimes be sparse but it is strong.  When I am in London, I enjoy sleeping at Goretti’s and am so glad she let me sleep on the top of her boy’s bunk bed. It was over 20 years ago that I slept on such a bed and how peaceful that was.

A beautiful night on a bunk bed
A beautiful night on a bunk bed

She and I do get to talk away on the phone every now and then, we are both passionate and dynamic women and sure want the best for our kids.

Yes, I love talking with Goretti
Yes, I love talking with Goretti

In the next article on this Heroine of mine, I will talk to you about her work, her modest but important contribution to the Cameroon Film Industry. For now, here is a nice picture she authorized my sharing on this post:

PR Goretti My Sister and Heroine
Green for hope huh? PR Goretti My Sister and Heroine

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, sharing is caring and commenting is encouraging just like your likes…




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