PR Goretti my heroine shooting for the moon

PR Goretti shoots for the moon
PR Goretti shoots for the moon

She admits like Les Brown motivates, that if we miss then we’ll sure land among the stars.

She tells me this was the philosophy behind the short film: WOMAN!

woman who is to blame?
woman who is to blame?

 This is where you can read more on this sensational short movie by this modestly famous script writer. She ponders on the issue of infidelity in a couple, wondering who is to blame?

I was working on my book just around that time, and you could imagine my interest in her movie, my comments and all. Sure I wrote a blurb for the movie and some more. I think I could play a role if she decides on doing the full movie right?

If anyone is into Nigerian Movies, then you can watch one of her earlier works as a script writer:

Goretti my modest heroine, is a dynamic woman I must admit. She works hard to juggle it all and she recently shared this on her facebook page: “Mastered the art of carrying a screaming 6-weeks old baby while feeding a ravenous 2-year old. So proud! #motherhood #multitasking#itaintforthefainthearted” and yes she didn’t mention the 7 year old. Let me also add that she sleeps last and gets up whenever any of her ‘bosses – haha’ demand and she works hard.

I remember with appreciation, her waiting up for me when I last arrived London and due to failed computers, I had a 5 hour wait at the airport. I got home by midnight, after getting lost and having to take a cab and all. She split the fare with me as if waiting up wasn’t enough.

Now, Goretti contributes so much to the maiden Cameroon film and entertainment Industry, having started out bravely and daringly in the already renowned but tight Nigerian Nollywood. I had the oppotunity to visit her in Lagos back then and was full of awe of her work and plans.

Once interviewed, she admitted it wasn’t easy but her passion kept her aiming. A strong quote of hers: “See the vision, Feel the vision, Be the vision.” Anu 

Here is an excerpt of that interview which you can read here:

Q: What part can a script writer like yourself play in making the relatively small Cameroonian film industry an international brand as is the case with Nollywood in Nigeria?

A: I can certainly not take the Cameroonian film industry to the international stage by myself. I’m a team player and believe in team effort to achieve success. So far, the relatively young Cameroonian film industry has done some fantastic collaborations with Nollywood and the Ghanaian film industry in a bid to expose our talents. With others like myself making films in the diaspora, we will hopefully continue to fly the Cameroonian flag with great content, cinematography and strategic marketing.

And I leave my heroine here for now but soon I will be back to tell you about her newest production.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, am l not truly blessed and lucky and to know these many and diverse people in my life? What you say matters!



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