You’re Awesome!

I am awesome and what better post to reblog than this? Tomorrow is exactly six months of my blogging life and l am grateful for the lives l have touched so far, and how much better l am coming along with mine too.

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You. Are. Awesome.

I’m sorry, it’s true, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not your fault, you were born this way… it’s time you accept it. You’re an amazingly unique individual, and out of the billions and billions of other human lives, no other one has been, nor will be the same as yours. None of the them. Ninguno. Notta One.

You’re Awesome!

You're Awesome Amazing Beautiful Powerful Positivity Uplifting Messages Smile, You’re Amazing. Photo: Afghanistan Matters

As Vince Vaughn once said… “you’re so many and you don’t even know it.”

You are the only you, and you are truly amazing. I’m rooting for you. People you have never met, and will never meet in your life, hope you do well; they hope you are happy.

Sometimes we get so focused on the couple of people that don’t like us, when there are 7 billion people that we still haven’t met yet. Why do we listen so…

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