Quintet of Radiance Award

Oh my, on this 17th of November 2013, I sensationally started my blogging life. Wow, as if to celebrate my efforts, contributions and all, I get not one but 5 awards – isn’t that something to blog about?

See them for yourself then read on:

Quintet of Radiance award
Quintet of Radiance award

I was dazed when I got a notification from my blogging pal

“VISHAL BHEEROO on his blog: Scripting the story of life”

Ok, now there is a little ‘fun work’ to do in claiming the award but who wouldn’t do that for a Quintet of radiance award?


1. Display the logo in a post.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back-Ananya

3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase.

4. Nominate few Bloggers.

Simple rules for me hahaha

Dear Vishal, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never received a blogging award before:

Now, next to the heroine who started this quintet of radiance trail; the beautiful, dynamic and passionate Ananya and her tales. Check her out for yourselves lest I do her less justice by missing out something. Just one or two things now, please don’t forget to:

Vote for her on Facebook for Mrs India Washington and discover the amazing bundle of talent that she is. Follow the following links to vote for her:



Ok then, back to my nominations: I got five

1) Vidiya the Smile Collector at http://vidyasury.com/

2) Lidiya the Success and happiness Cheerleader at http://letsreachsuccess.com/

3) Michelle and her babbling books at http://www.writer-in-transit.co.za/

4) June my Jamaican heroine at http://www.miraculousladies.com/

5) last but not the list is Timi my sister from another mother at http://livelytwist.wordpress.com/

I hope they accept the award and are glad too.

Now to retro myself using the alphabet -hmm, let’s see what it gives: 

  A as in Ayo my nickname of choice, an exclamation, means joy in some dialect

B as in Bold yes I could face the D….

C as in Curious, I know they say it killed the cat but am no cat

D as in daring – sure I dare to Dare

E as in exercise- it keeps both my physical and emotional weight in sound balance

F as in fighter, an aunt has always called me one

G ad in good, I can’t think of evaluating myself any less

H as in Happy yes I make that choice to be even in the midst of …

I as in insecure do have those moments too

J as in jokes, do love me them, some say am a clown

K as in Karate, one thing I missed learning – could have come in handy I think

L as in Love, hmm I can love unconditionally and unconventionally – just read my book

M as in Merry Marie- thinking seriously about making it a brand

N as in No – not scared of using that word and meaning it

O as in open minded to both critics, schools of thought, people and all

P as in people, I know I have to choose who I hang out with for here below we have + and – people

Q as in quiet – sometimes I can be so quiet you won’t believe it’s me

R as in rustic – yes you can’t tell all this woman knows, my reviews tells what some think

S as in strong – I know without being told that if l weren’t strong, l would have vanished by now

T as in Thank you – I love saying it and meaning it

U as in Universal – I believe that the universal principle of Do unto others what you would want others do unto you, supersedes all religion

V values – I have them many but henceforth, honesty tops my chart

W as in wife, I tried to be one and failed woefully – aiming again though 🙂

X as in x-ray, I perform one on me every now and then

Y as in yes, am almost done, and yes I can if I set out to

Z as in zzzzzzzzzzz when it’s bed time, I switch off like a log

Dear Gentle readers and followers of mine, hope you join me in celebrating this award by commenting and sharing!


14 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance Award”

  1. Ah, Marie! I just loved reading your A to Z here!
    The love shines in your posts. I am honored that you nominated me to this bouquet of awards! Thank you! So happy we connected!

  2. Congratulations Marie on the anniversary of your blog. So happy to know you. I am blessed to be nominated for this awesome award. Thank you. I’m honoured Marie.

    Meeting you has been a wonderful experience. 🙂

  3. Hi Marie, when I saw the nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award today, I remembered that you had nominated me for this Quintet of Radiance Award.
    I wasn’t sure if I thanked you for it? So here I am to thank you for nominating me!

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