Jeff my coach

Jeff my coachI once wrote a post on four great men of mine and Jeff was one of them. Now, you may wonder why I am doing one exclusively on Jeff right? Well, as the heading goes, he is now my coach – not football coach though but hmm, life coach.

Meeting and choosing Jeff

I remember stumbling on Jeff’s website and then hopping over to his blog and this was my very first comment: “Hi Jeff, shout out from an MJC (Mary just come or a  something like; ‘just landed soul on Mars’) like me”. I was so happy to have the following response from Jeff: “Hi MJC, with passion and courage, you will soon become an MKP ( Mary knows plenty)”

That sealed it for me back then. I started following Jeff and his works like a wounded lion. Then he advertised some free initial consultation and I was like oh Ayo aren’t you lucky?

Then I followed my Intuition and opened up

I didn’t know where I will find the money to invest from there but I knew I had to sign up at least for one of those free 30 minutes consultation. I so needed one because I was having a very tough time convincing my mother about having to publish my book. Yes that book again- that unconventional memoir.

I reached out to Jeff and let me share an excerpt of what I got, some as put in my own words to my mother:

“For me,  Life is expression. We are happiest, glowing, at our best, most fulfilled when we are able to freely and openly express ourselves.

I know  You my  mother will always be my mother and I will always be your Ayo Even as a grown woman! In my mind, in my life – my dreams come first. But I understand that for a mother, safety and security come first and I am not taking it personal.
Yet mama, I am going public with both my successes and failures because I want to make my mess my message and my tests my testimonials. I believe that everything I have gone through can help someone else get through it better. I am by ‘shamelessly’ sharing My Story (just like Princess Diana and others shared theirs) helping people with their problems and that’s all that matters. You my mother will love me regardless this I know. You  may not agree with me (as has sometimes been the sad case) , but I know you will always love me. This is very fine by me.
One of the reasons why people fail to reach their potential, or fail to see what they are capable of doing and becoming is because they are too conceded with what other people think. As you know Mama, unconditional love means that there is love even when there isn’t agreement. I Have faith in the bond I have with your MY FAMILY but I do what my heart tells me to do.
And this is My Therapy, My Peace, My Testimony!”
Jeff coached me through this and so once I started getting an income, I signed up very fast with him. I made that conscious choice to invest in myself and this has been one if not the best self-investment l have made.
Jeff, gives me and sure all his other clients, much more of what we pay for. He adds you a bonus here and there. He sends out these power newsletters and motivational stuffs, links and all. He say emails are unlimited and he replies ASAP, oh my isn’t this wonderful?
Oh, l believe there is greatness within me but l was stuck at some point and needed lot of help. I got that from all sorts of areas, people, friends and ‘not friends’ alike. Jeff I will stick too because he is my 3rd generation link to Marala Scott, Oprah Winfrey, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard just to name these few. I sincerely wish us both the best. I am still getting so much help and am on a mission to give back so much too.
Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, let me encourage you to check out Jeff and others like him. In the meantime, I love the likes you hit, the comments you throw and of all, the effort you make at sharing.

6 thoughts on “Jeff my coach”

  1. Hi Marie,

    It’s a blessing that you met Jeff. Not only has he helped during a difficult time, he’s also showed you that your career lies in helping others.

    I know that you’ll be a great coach. And I wish you all the best as you embark on achieving your goals.

    Have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. Dear June,

    Your comments are always special and maybe even expected? 🙂

    You all have helped me through and together we shall find faith and strength in what remains.

    Have a great day too

  3. Small world. I saw him on someone’s post on Facebook a few months ago and now I am reading about him on your blog. This is fantastic.

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