Lady Di, my ultimate Inspiration and heroine!

The people's princess
The people’s princess

She has all sorts of names but I choose Lady Di. She still is though dead, the people’s princess. She is my ultimate inspiration for writing about my parallel lives in such brutal honesty.

I was living in far off Cameroon 17 years ago when she left this world. I remember hearing my parents and the cream of our society discuss a  fairy tale wedding of the heir to the British throne and a beautiful young ‘virgin’.

A few years later, in 1985, when my father bought our first TV, I finally got to see Lady Di on TV. I was in awe just like several of us have been.

It wasn’t all fairy in the end

Around same time, we started hearing and reading stories of how all wasn’t well in their marriage and how she said they were ‘three’ of them in there. However, I initially thought it was her bulimia that drove the prince to look else where.

A sham?

But, in 1992, with the book Diana her True Story by Andrew Morton, came some shocking revelations about the difference between perception and reality even for a princess. In her numerous interviews, a lot could be learnt. I listen to the one below over an over.

If a Princess can do that, so can you

We all know how conservative that society is, not to talk of the Royal Family right? We also all know what Lady Di had been doing to stay ‘humane’ like visiting those auspices and championing the fight against land mines.

What a befitting caption?
What a befitting caption?

Now, she braved it to lash out, to tell it all through Morton and then the Panorama Interviews. She shared her hopes, aspirations, betrayals and all. She said she also had ‘affairs’ while in there. And this is where I got it all.

I am no Princess

Who was l therefore not to relieve myself of all that internal baggage? What did I stand to lose? What happened to Lady Di after the books, reports and all were published, played and replayed? Well, in the end, some say paparazzi killed her – but hey , am no Princess and don’t ever figure paparazzi wasting their time and money behind me.

The bottom line is who we also help

The bottom line is who we also help with our story. That is how I saw it then and still do. My boys will cope just like Lady Di’s boys have done. At some point, we have to make a choice to be unconventional if only for the sake of staying sane and probably inspiring someone else.

Dear gentle Reader and followers of mine, Lady Di was my ultimate inspiration and she is my heroine. Do you have any such heroines or experiences to share too?


3 thoughts on “Lady Di, my ultimate Inspiration and heroine!”

  1. This is a lovely post Marie. I can see why you identify with her and why she inspires you. She was a wonderful lady and I admired her too. It was a massive loss when she died.

    I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

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