How many times should i say thank you?

Thank you

I remember that question in the bible on how often to forgive, but now I wish to know, how many times should l say thank you?

On May 20th 2014, I received this from WordPress:


l was thrilled. I recalled my journey in this new world. Did I even know what a blog was by June 2013? No. Did I know how to link a post or what else have you? Sure no. What did I know then? I knew that l had passion. l knew that l had determination and discipline and dedication enough to see me through.

l was and still am grateful for all the indirect and direct help l got. Direct comes later because it was really never there. l remember someone telling me l wouldn’t survive as a blogger because it’s so demanding. She added that even if l did for a while, l would probably drop out -as from school?

I have written posts acknowledging all the good, the bad and the ugly ‘people’ in my lives especially since l started writing my blog, published my books and all.

So, how many times is good enough?

Personally, it brings me great joy to be grateful all the time.  l thanked you all for my first five likes and all,  and l promised to continue writing if only for you. l threw a thank you party for my first anniversary in Belgium, shortly followed by a birthday party as l turned 35. I remember the excitement when l was informed l had written a 100 posts then. l sincerely don’t know how to interprete stats, l just write from my heart while maiking an effort to improve on content, form and SEOs and what not.

Recently, l even surprised the town hall staff in the little village of zottegem in Belgium, who handled my file. She was so nice. I was back to that village for my hearing aids hitch, and l stopped by just to say thank you.

My darling darling is still getting used to my saying thank you even just for his kiss. But I am so happy to be merry as l say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

Or am l still excited just coming from the jungles, a previous MJC (Mary Just Come) like me?

So, gentle readers and followers of mine, unless you think otherwise, l will state that saying thank you over and over again is food for the soul – or do you have any other idea?


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