Managing my ‘Great’ emotions

To me, Great Emotions are those emotions that make us feel great.

Tony Robbins Emotions control
Tony Robbins Emotions control

I want to be very honest with you today because to me, it’s all about honesty in here. The emotions I have found hardest to control, are those emotions which depict my happiness, joy, gratitude and you name the rest.

Life hasn’t always been ‘Great’

I went through and still go through so much in life that I could in another scenario, have given up and given in to drugs or whatever for some sanity.  At some point as a married woman, l thought to find solace in one adultery after the other.

I was sincerely used to ‘not so great emotions’. Negative ones. I hated my life, l hated living, l attempted suicide. l didn’t even cry, l just closed up and lived parallel lives. l gave so much for it made me happy to do so and yes l still do.

Life has been Great nevertheless

I can’t say l didn’t receive anything. Oh no, l got so much from life too. my mother my best heroine, gave me the good, the bad, and the ugly. Others did too. But the one I craved the most from, barely had my time. My ex husband gave me some expensive gifts but l never felt any love flow through his actions and so emotions didn’t pop up then.

I met my Darling Darling, a Gentleman

l will honestly say that it was at this point in my life that I started realizing the impact of emotions on our well being. He has been doing so much for me, and with him l discuss my emotions. l cry now more than l ever did even as a kid when my parents will lash me.

l am realizing how much it is important to manage our emotions because as Tony Robins rightly states, that is how we can reshape our daily experience of life. Yes, I want to in every situation, identify even if only a tiny ‘great emotion’, cling onto it, manage it, and get the best out life.

My darling darling surprised me the other day with business cards. We had conceived them together but l wasn’t yet ready to order them. Ah there l go, l cried so much that my vision was blurred and my face dull:

Ama full of joy
Ama full of joy

He says I am a good cook and my restaurant is called MerryTables. I thought of the name Merry Marie for my business and hence the name became:

Ama biz card

At least, I feel l am on the right track. I don’t want to be a crying doll even if that is to show gratitude. However, I think l have to go through this process to be able understand myself better and eventually my clients.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, what says thou? How do you manage your great emotions? Thanks for sharing, that is caring!


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