Gosh, could people really be that unreliable?

Unreliability and its damaging effects
Unreliability and its damaging effects

I am just wondering if am not really crazy, or it is true that some people ‘love’ being unreliable?

When l commit to rendering a service, l unless by an act of god, go about doing just as l said. I even did some things without being asked but simply because l felt it in me that it would be helpful. And if l don’t want to be relied on, hell l scream NO!

Scenario N°1 of unreliability

I contacted a girl last summer, a girl whose kid l had willingly baby sat for the good price of “10 euros”/ day during the Easter vacation. Her husband shipped goods to Cameroon and l had a few items l wished to send to my boys. I was prepared to pay a ‘moderate’ fee but she said not to worry.

I brought the 4 pairs of shoes and some candies to her but she said she would take only 3 and no candies for there wasn’t space in the ship and the candies would… l wasn’t so disappointed and l left the items with her, after unwrapping and wrapping them into two packs as she instructed.

One month later, l was informed that only one packet had arrived containing a 3 shoes or whatever that packet contained. I tried calling her several times and when it ever went through, she bluffed and told me the next consignment may contain the other package and that was due for September. I know she personally handed over stuffs to be taken to her mother’s from where people back home were to collect them.

Scenario N° 2 of disrespect and unreliability

When I published my book, l was excited to send 4 copies home for my mum and others. I knew a lady in Paris who was going back home. I ordered print copies and paid for express delivery after checking with her if she could take them along. She assured me they could fit in her hand luggage. I received those books and mailed them to Paris by express once again.

I was more than shocked when l was informed by my cousin that when he went to collect the books there was only one copy available. L made all sorts of calls only to learn that she left three copies behind because of ‘excess luggage’?

Please bear with me, that was in March and till date those books are still on their journey to my Mother’s. Had l know, l would have taken them along myself whenever. l just wonder why either she couldn’t say an outright no when l asked, or have the kindness to inform me that she was leaving them behind in Paris…

Scenario N° 3, a later no which hurts so bad

l asked a very dear friend to help me so some tech stuff and he asked me to write down the tasks and all. l was excited we were going to do them together and l will be learning so next time l do them myself. l was in for another electro… when he said, well there is the usb, try your best…

lt hurt me so bad and left me real sad, because l was already tuned to his helping me and was looking forward to us doing it together. When l first mentioned needed that service why couldn’t it be explained that l had to try my best?

Maybe l have also unknowingly been unreliable to others, but as far as l am can remember, even in my previous life, l will say Yes or No and mean just that.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, what says thou? I write to heal among others and am glad others are enlightened as well. When your emotions and all have a chemical tendency above the ‘norm’, you want to be very careful right? Or do you keep trying to understand such unreliable people?


5 thoughts on “Gosh, could people really be that unreliable?”

  1. I hope you have told these peeps they have offended you. This is as a result people taking advantage of you. For that’s the message you pass to these people if it’s not addressed. Confrontation can be done in a graceful way. Through Jesus Christ.

    1. Dear Louisajd,

      Thanks for hopping by and leaving this comment. Oh so am not alone, woah. But that’s life should we say? l am just determined not to add any disappointments from their unreliability add to my triggers. So, I tend to try and do as much as l can without counting on others or anticipating some ‘fuck ups’.

  2. Sometimes people are unreliable and doing selfish things that hurts their and our feelings. The best thing we can do is live the example of a person who is reliable to other people and then hopefully other people will be inspired by that.

    1. Dear Wilson,

      Thanks for leaving this comment. I know you mean what you write for this must have been one of the lessons your sweet mama taught you.

      Yes, I try to be punctual, reliable, and nice person anyway and just go on living merrily as much as possible.

      kind regards, Marie

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